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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Advent Calendar Picks

As usual, I am running a little late . . . the story of my life! The good news is that even if I am late making an advent calendar this year it will be ready for the next. That is the great thing about Christmas, it's an annual thing. I'll let you know which I decide to imitate!

These Beauties come to you from a wide Pinterest search:)

From the Maya Road Blog:

From Martha Stewart:

From The Freckled Nest:

From Kimberly Petersen:

She also has a way cool activity advent on this same post. Every night you choose a simple but meaningful activity from a stack of cards. I'm thinking it will be great for when school gets out!

By Narrating Life:

I would love to see any advent calendar that you love . . . I still need to make one and at this point I am still open to suggestion. Leave a comment and point me in the right direction.:)

Happy Crafting!




  1. I should send you a picture of mine. My mom made it for us. It is simple but fun!