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Thursday, April 11, 2013

DIY Whimsy Dress:Tulle and Ruffles! {The Ups and Downs}

I am not a seamstress. I can sew. A little. Sometimes I get ambitions and think that I can make really fun, whimsical things for my daughters. 
Sometimes I can. Other times . . .i wing it.
This is my story:

I splurged on some ruffle fabric for my two year-old's birthday. It is a little pricy, but when you consider the fact that someone else has taken the time to make ruffles for you, the price might be worth it. It runs about $15-$20. I got it from Ruffle Fabric(.com) 
(and this is NOT a sponsored post)
This is what you need:
Sewing Machine
3 yards of tulle
1 yard of  Ruffle Fabric
For necklace:
elastic, tulle, glue gun and decorative brad, matches, candle

What I like about tulle and ruffle fabric . . . no hemming!

Using my daughter's measurements, I cut the fabric 15 in in length and 6 in in width.
THIS WAS PART ONE OF MY MISTAKE:  My little dog, Maddie tried to tell me that since the ruffle fabric stretches, I could subtract 3 inches so that it would fit snugly around my toddler and not fall down , but I never have been good at speaking dog, so I didn't listen.

 Doesn't the fabric just look fun already!
 The I cut the tulle to the length I wanted, 26 in long in 5 in strips. You can actually use more or less tulle depending on how full and fluffy you want the "skirt part."
 This is the part 2 of my mistake.I pinned all the tulle to the base of the ruffle fabric and did not allow for any stretch. Meaning, even the the tulle fabric stretches, once you sew the tulle in, place it ceases to stretch. I should have allowed for 2 small slits. Once the dress was on, the slits would be invisible, but would allow for stretch. Or maybe one of you reading this will; have another solution you"l want to share with me.
Maybe I could have tapered the top so that is was more of an A-line, the top could have been snug and the tulle wouldn't have been tight . . .
Anyway, it wasn't so bad, but it won't grow with my girl for very long . . .
unless, I cut some small slits in the tulle now . . .
 Anyhow . . . I sewed the tulle to the ruffle fabric and then sewed up the sides of the bodice of
 ruffle fabric and got this:

 For the tulle flower head piece, I cut 8 circular pieces of tulle and burnt the edges using a candle in a well ventilated area. Do not inhale this stuff. It is nasty. I stuck a decorative brad through the middle and hot glued it to a piece of elastic that was measured to fir my 2 year old's blond, curly head.

It was fun . . .
Happy Crafting

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs

In  a house full of picky eaters, scrambles eggs is one of a very few recipes that can please all six tummies in my household. Today I am going to reveal a secret that will teach you how to make the fluffiest scrambled eggs in the world:) When  I say  fluffy, I mean big, fat, mouth watering, delicious-fill-the-fork-to-capacity-bites!
This little gadget is the key . . . your household blender. Pictured below is the blender we got as a wedding gift more than 13 years ago! I don't know why, but  eggs liked to be whipped and beaten like a dirty rug. Hand whipping takes to long to achieve the kind of fluffiness that a blender can create in a matter of minutes. Add all your ingredients to your blender and blend for 2-3 minutes . . .then cook as normal.

The results of blender your eggs is evident as soon as your poor them into your frying pan. They should look frothy and foamy. This is the prelude to yumminess.

Like a college freshman who gains 20 pounds their first time away from home you should be able to tell that the eggs are bulkier than usual as you scrape the pan.

 Season. Serve. Enjoy!

 Now you know the secret and you can  . . .
Bon Apetite!