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Friday, January 4, 2013

Finding the Right Fit: A Search For the Perfect Pait of Jeans

Skinny, Relaxed, Boot Cut, Straight leg, Hipster . . . . mama mia, there are so many types of jeans.  There is nothing more comfortable than an old, worn pair of jeans that fit you like they were custom designed to fit your body. And there is nothing more elusive than finding said pair.

 Because I have been pregnant four times, I have been every size from 5 to  . . . well pregnant. Finding the right pair of jeans has been increasingly difficult since baby number 4. I am not proud to admit that my body has changed for the worse, but I know somewhere the perfect pair of jeans is out there waiting for me. A pair that will hug my curves, flatter my body and hide my crack when I bend over to pick up a dropped toy. (Remember: Just say no to crack)

I came across this article that simply put, is a must read. I am serious. You MUST read this article.
This is the link that will change your life! Ready . . . . HERE it is! It is written by Rachel of "Grasping for Objectivity in My Subjective Life" and is entitled,

Mom Jeans and the Dreaded “Long Butt”  

Rachel will entertain you with her clever wit and astounding research, but most of all with the vast amount of pictures of improperly and properly dressed rear ends. She has since written several articles all related to the denim world and all of them are well worth the read and will aid you on the journey to find the perfect fitting jeans.  

I read her second article, a about finding jeans when you are over 50,  to my mom while we were visiting her over the Christmas break. We were sitting at the kitchen table near the laundry room. We laughed so hard that we didn't even hear the washing machine (which empties into the utility sink) over flow and only noticed that it had when our feet began to feel the dampness of the flood. It required an hour and a half of clean up.   

Read the article and then let me know if you have an overwhelming desire to hit the stores near you to refit your rear.



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