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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mini Strawberry Dessert Cake with REAL Whipped Cream

Mini Strawberry Dessert Cake with Real Whipped Cream
You need this in your tummy. 
I am totally serious.
It is light and refreshing and captures the essence of summer so perfectly.
Mini Strawberry Dessert Cake with Real Whipped Cream, 
I love you. 
I don't think it matters that you were the first dessert I had since banishing sugar from my life after 12 weeks. 
My love is true. 
And you... were yummy.
Real Whipped Cream Mattes
 Before this day, I had never tasted homemade whipped cream. Nor by any stretch of the imagination had I ever made whipped cream from scratch.
Not once.
Sure I had seen people serve it on desserts at parties, but I thought it would taste like the store bought stuff so I politely skipped that dessert.

Now that I have whipped up this deliciously sweet topping in my very own kitchen, it's like my world has gone from black and white to technicolor.
 Like I was blind, but now can see.
I am here to take a stand and say: Real Whipped Cream matters.

 To make this perfectly yummy summer dessert you need:
Heavy whipping cream
round cakes from the grocery store
Heath Milk Chocolate Toffee bits

 I used the larger carton of heavy whipping cream
a little less than a cup of sugar and blended the concoction in my ninja blender.
It took less than a minute.

Epilogue (which really should have been the prologue):
I was asked to make a dessert for teacher appreciation day. Something they could serve the teacher's at lunch. I was trying to think of something refreshing that could serve a lot of people. This dessert came to mind and at first I was going to make a whole bunch of individual cakes.

But since I have a wee baby who loves to monopolize my time, I though to myself,
"Ain't no one got time for that!"
I needed something that I could just throw together without worrying too much about presentation. And for some strange reason I thought that I should try to make my own whipped cream so that my dessert had somewhat of a homemade feel to it.
Best decision of the day.
I layered the dessert like a lasagna, starting with the cakes on the bottom.
When the day was done, I posted my creation on face book.
These were some of the comments:
"This was such a hit. Both beautiful and yummy! Thank you so much!"
"It was delicious!! Thank you!!!!
" It was AMAZING!!! Thank you!!"
"You were responsible for that?!! Thank you!!"
"People were literally sticking their fingers in the pan to scrape every last bit of it off!"

The sad new was, I didn't get any. So I had to make it again so I could try it out.
So good.
So very good.
Especially when you let the whipped cream sit on the cake for a while.
You know, really let the cake soak of some whipped cream goodness.

Even my biggest critic loved it!  
 Make it.
 Share it.
Eat it now:)
And lick the spoon.

Happy eating!

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