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Summer Lovin' Sign-Ups

Booty Buns Cloth Diapers & Amy's Craft Bucket are hosting the Summer Lovin' Baby Basics Giveaway Hop! It will run from  June 6-20, 2012

Summer Lovin' by Booty Buns Cloth Diapers

<a href="http://www.bootybunsclothdiapers.blogspot.com/" title="Summer Lovin' Baby Basics Giveaway Hop"> <img src="http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g401/shanni805/SLbutton.jpg" width="125" height="125" alt="Summer Lovin' by Booty Buns Cloth Diapers" style="border:none;" /></a>

The Summer Lovin' Baby Basics Giveaway Hop will feature ANY baby basic items that you wish to giveaway. All prizes must be worth at least $25. If your prize is valued at $50+, please note it in the Linky form. There will be a grand prize given away on Booty Buns Cloth Diapers. So far the prize is valued at over  $500!!

Sponsors Include:

* Booty Buns Cloth Diapers
* Raw Organics
* Rockin' Green Soap
* Fashion Bums
* Mamma's Milk Slings
* Boob Toob Nursing Covers
* Boba
* Bobee
* Balboa Baby

If you want to have more than 1 winner on your blog, please keep in mind that each prize must still be valued at $25+. Please also note in the Linky if you will have more than one winner. 

So if you were going to have 2 prizes each valued at $50, you would enter your name in the Linky form like this:
Your Name {2 winners, $50 each}
If you have 2 prizes each valued at $25, you would enter it like this:
Your Name {2 winners}

You are responsible for the prize on your blog. You can either self sponsor or find someone to sponsor you. Just remember that the prize can be anything related to baby basics, so that is pretty much everything! Booty Buns Cloth Diapers is looking to sponsor 3 blogs for this event. Contact us for details!
 The blogger who refers the most bloggers to sign up will get their Facebook & Twitter accounts added to the grand prize RC form for free! We will also add following your blog as an option; so, get the word out!!


1. Create a blog post including this text & the button image(you can also mention what your blog will be giving away, or just encourage your readers to watch for what you will giveaway):

Booty Buns Cloth Diapers & Amy's Craft Bucket are collecting blogger sign-ups for the Summer Lovin' Baby Basics Giveaway Hop! This event takes place from June 6-20, 2012 & all prizes are valued at $25+. Sign up today!

2. Grab the event button & place it in the sidebar or events page of your blog. The button must be visible in one of these two places or your blog will be removed from the linky.

3. Ask to join the Facebook group for this event. This group will only exist until the end of the event. Keep watch for important docs and other information!

4. Once you have done these 3 things add your name to the Linky using the url from your post! Please make sure that your email is correct so I can send you more information as the event nears.

5. Click here and tell us who referred you. 

Fill out this form if you would like your Facebook or Twitter account added to the grand prize RaffleCopter form. 

We hope to have at least 100 blogs involved with this event, so get the word out there!


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