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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY Hair Clip Display and Two Layer Skirt

Look at those pretty flowers growing in the garden! Okay not really . . . my garden is almost dead:)

For weeks I have been trying to come up with a creative way to display the hair accessories and headbands that I make. I think I must have received my initial inspiration from my cousin-in-law, Heidi over at Honeybearlane.com. She made a beautiful centerpiece out of small tree branches. Then I saw someone at "What Women Want" with a tree branch display that earrings were hung from. And this is what I got . . . (I do have some better pictures at the bottom:) It was hard to take a picture in my usual spot because it was so windy today!)

This project is so easy and I think when I am done using it at The Festival of Tress Boutique, I will put it in my girls' bedroom to display their hair clips on. You can so do this. It is way easy.

I cut some branches from m y pomegranate tree, stripped the leaves and spray painted them white. After they dried, I simply put them in a large glass vase. I have some extra Styrofoam squares and I think I might try this again using them as a base.

I was pleasantly surprised that my head bands actually hooked on to the branches. I thought I would just be able to use my clips, but the headbands worked too!

Next . . .

I love to make special occasions special with fun clothes for my kiddos. I have been trying really hard to make cute skirts and it seems like I am always trying out new ideas and styles in an attempt to find the easiest way to sew. I used my tutorial for the two layer skirt that I posted earlier to create the black satin bottom layer. For the shimmery overlay I actually burned the edges like you do when you are making flowers because I wanted that kind of a look. (plus, I was so sick of trying to hem this particular fabric). Then I used a gathering stitch for the top layer and sewed it to the satin layer upside down with a regular stitch. Then I folded it back over (so that it was laying the right way) and stitched it again. You can see that I made it lay and sewed it in a way that revealed the black satin underneath.

I made this skirt so that the flower embellishment was interchangeable. I took a flower hair clip that I had already made and added the pin onto the back of it. This way the skirt would be perfect for "black and orange day" (their semi Halloween celebration) at school and also for School Spirit Friday . . .

which is black, green and white.

Anyway . . . you get the idea!

Happy Crafting!

xoxo, Amy

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  1. what a great idea. I'm going to try this to hang some earrings : )