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Friday, October 21, 2011

For Little Hands- Halloween Witches

Do your little ones need something to do . . .?
I love doing crafts with my kids. And that is a good thing because with 4 little ones running around I don't really have much opportunity to hide away and create beautiful things. Mostly, I craft with my motley crew by my side. I have noticed that my girls have the same need for creative activity as I do. The boy . . . not so much, though he does LOVE to paint.

This is one of the Halloween crafts we did together. We made little witches and turned them into a centerpiece for our table.
I'm sure you don't need step by step instructions on how to make these little witchies:
I used:
glue (hot and Elmer's- or a glue stick)
construction paper (or cardstock or scrapbook paper)
googly eyes
The silver star is from a Christmas garland that got cut up a little:)
Basically I just cut out easy shapes and let the little ones use there imaginations. What I love is how they each turned out so different even though they had all the same supplies. I love how your child's personality is displayed through their creative side.

This was a s simple as can be, but the kids loved it and they love even more that there art work is currently being featured as out centerpiece.

Happy Crafting!

xoxo, Amy

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