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Friday, November 25, 2011

DIY Flannel PJs ~ Part 2: The Top

So here goes part 2! There are more steps in making the top, but you can do it :)

First things first, lets talk Black Friday at Joannes ~
Doors opened at 6 am & people weren't killing each other to get anything!! Everyone was patient getting in the door and shared their flannels :) It was the best Black Friday experience
I've ever had! I scored some uber cute flannels!

Plus, the store employees gave everyone the coupons when you walked in,
so I got an additional 25% off my entire order & 50% off my oldest daughter's
Christmas gift since it wasn't on sale.

I can't wait to cut into these!

What You'll Need:
1 1/2 Yards Flannel Fabric {this will cover the shirt as well}
About 24 Inches Grossgrain Ribbon
4-5 Buttons Depending On The Size
Matching Thread
And Your Sewing Machine & Tools :)
Also, I used my Seger, but if you don't have one use your zig-zag stitch.

Bring back your paper bag and let's make the pattern. If you have a pair of pjs to trace, then trace each piece. If not, grab a shirt that fits your child loosely. If all you have are onesies, you can use it for your pattern, just make sure to add a few inches to give some room.

If you're using a loose shirt, ignore the sleeves for now & trace the back twice.
Cut 1 out & cut down the middle, then retrace adding 1 1/2 inches to the center.
You only have to create one side because you can flip the pattern over. Next, draw
the neck line how you want it. I like an angled neckline on these type of jammies.
For the collar, measure along the neck line of your pattern for the length, then
make a rectangle with the width of 3 1/2 inches. You can keep the angles sharp
or round them, whichever you like. After you cut everything out, take the front
panel and you're going to trace along the center line and 2 inches at the top & bottom,
keeping the angles the same at the neck line. Draw a line connecting top to bottom,
this is for the reinforcement fabric behind the buttons and button holes.
For the pockets, make a 4 inch square.

Trace each piece on your flannel or fleece. Make sure that you flip the patterns
over for the front panel, reinforcement pieces & collar pieces. In this picture
I marked where the 1 yard mark was so you could see.

But I forgot to make sleeves :)

So take your back & front panels, and line them up at the shoulder, then trace that round angle. For 12 month size, measure out 7 inches from each end & then square off the bottom of the sleeve. Trace those onto your flannel.

Cut each piece out and get ready to sew and serge. First, sew at the shoulders,
then serge or zigzag stitch. Next, serge the bottom edges of the sleeves and
pockets & hem the same way I described in part 1. Add the ribbon about
1/2 inch from the bottom and stitch on both edges.

Pin the sleeves to the front & back panels then sew and serge.

It should look like this after the sleeves are on. Set the pockets aside for a later step.

With right sides together, pin along the sleeve & the side of the shirt.
Then, sew along that seam, then serge or zigzag stitch. Next, take the reinforcement
pieces & sew them on to the center of the shirt. I like the fabric to have the
right side showing, so that's how I sewed it on. When both sides are on,
serge the bottom of the shirt then hem like you did with the sleeves.
Don't add ribbon to this hem, since you'll be adding pockets.
Flip right side out and attach the pockets. I forgot to take pictures of this step,
but its really easy ~ just fold the 3 edges under along the sides & bottom,
then stitch on. Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and end.

The collar was my least favorite part of this whole project, so beware,
it may get a little frustrating! The easy parts are: sew the ribbon about 3/4 inch
from the edge, make sure the fabric lays the way you want it to, if the fabric has a
direction. With right sides together, sew along the first short side, then the side
where the ribbon is and end on the other short side. You should have the
long side with out the ribbon left open.

This is the part that drove me a little crazy, maybe there is an easier way
to do this, I just haven't figured it out. . . fold the flannel inside itself at 1/4 inch,
then pin the neckline of the shirt inside the collar piece.

Sew along the pins, go slow to make sure that both sides of the collar stay in line
with each other & the shirt stays inside the collar. Every single one I made
I had to flip over & sew the other side because I wasn't patient enough to
follow this step, but no big deal since you have to look really close to see the mistakes ;)

The final step that I forgot to take pictures of is to measure your button holes and sew them into place. Open each button hole with your seam ripper then sew the buttons on.

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