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Monday, November 28, 2011

New Life to Old Clothes!

If you haven't noticed yet it is my SIL Shanni who does the stuff that requires more talent. She is WAY better with a sewing machine than I am. I am kind of a make-it-up-as-I go and if -all- else -fails- use- a-glue-gun kind of a girl. Now you know . . . the secret is out.

With that being said . . .

Being a mom of four I have been many sizes in my life. That means I go through a LOT of clothes! If you have been pregnant in the last five years or so you know that maternity clothes have gotten quite stylish and sometimes I find it hard to say good-bye to some of my cute outfits. But lucky for me I had an idea . . .

I convinced a fabulous photographer to do a photog class so that she could give me some tips on how to take a better picture. Well she agreed and she wanted to do the practice portion of our class shooting a "Victorian era" like tea party. I helped her collect props and design headbands and costumes for the event and it gave me a chance to use some of my beloved old clothes.

Case in point: cute shirt, cute skirt:
they went from this . . .

To this:

I'll post some better pictures of the details later, but these two beautiful girls are my daughters. My skirt became a long dress (I measured my daughters chest and sewed in elastic that fit her measurements, then I added a really pretty rosette ribbon for straps- it is hidden under a cropped sweater in the picture- and it became a new dress. It was sew easy!)

For my fair daughter my shirt became a short dress. I flipped it upside down and sewed in elastic that measured the length of her chest. Then I put it on her to decide where I wanted the elastic shoulder straps to go. I marked the right spot on the shirt. Then I wrapped the elastic shoulder straps in fabric that matched the shirt and sewed it in place the same time I sewed the straps to the shirt. I may or may not have used a little hot glue to hold the wrapped straps in place:) while sewing. Then I added to rolled flower rosettes in matching fabric to the the front of the shirt where the elastic straps met the fabric and simply pinned those on so I wouldn't have to worry about putting them in the wash. OH, I also hemmed over the existing hem a bit to make it fit the width of my daughter's body a little better. I cut off the shirt where the sleeves began an hemmed what was once the top of the shirt. (hem, flip and hem again). Then I added another skirt underneath for color and little extra length. This was a little trickier than adjusting my skirt.

The HEADBANDS are mad of stretch lace, rolled fabric flowers, paper flowers, glass buttons, flowers and decorative brads. Lisa and I made those.

Now these little outfits look so cute on my kiddos I thought: why did I not just adjust them to fit me? Oh well, live and learn:)

Happy Crafting!



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