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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Easy and Affordable Baby Shower Game Prizes!

I am on the verge of throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law Sarah. I am so excited about it! I love any excuse to celebrate anything and anyone. So I thought I would take you along on my journey. I am going to start at the end, I think. Well maybe more like the middle. At any rate, I am going to start you off with a sneak peak at some of the prizes! This is one of them! From this blog
As much as I wish I was made of money, that is truly not the case. Because of such, I love little words like "free". Oh, say it again! "FREE!
I got this cute little printable quote by Richard G. Scott from this awesome blog called " . . . and Spiritually Thinking." There are so many amazing free printables (non commercial use only)! I fell in love with the site!
I bought two dollar store frames to put the quote in and I modge podged the quote to two wooden blocks. I think they are cute and super affordable. I've got some paparazzi jewelry to be used as two other prizes. 

 I know I have done a few posts that use modge podge, 
but if you are new to the idea, here is a quick run down. 
block of wood
modge podge
paint brush
ribbon or raffia
 I started, by painting the edges of my block brown. you can of course use any color. Once that dried, I applied a thin layer of modge podge to the block. You want it to be enough to hold, but not so much that it will cause your paper to bubble.
 Place your paper on top of the modge podge glue and press down. Rub your finger over the block to smooth the paper down and to press out any air bubbles. Start in the middle and work out to the sides.
Let dry completely!!! (10 to 20 minutes)  Then add a thin layer of modge podge to the top of the paper to protect it. The glue will dry clear. Let dry.
 Tie on a string or some raffia to complete your look!
In other completely unrelated news, I just wanted to display two of the headbands I made as gifts.
I thought they were cute:)

Happy Crafting!!

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