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Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby Shower Games!

I searched high and low for the best baby shower games and I really like what I have compiled. We had so much fun playing these games and I think you will too! There is something for everyone!

Let the Games Begin!

Game No. 1 Guess How Many. It is simple and non threatening so it is a good game to start with. I filled up a bottle with 166 M&M's and had each guest write their name and their guess on a small piece of paper and drop it into a mason jar. Later on in the shower we sifted through the guesses and chose the guest with the closest answer. In this particular instance the guest who won guessed 160!

 Game No. 2 Name the Baby Animal. Still non threatening. I printed out a list with the names of Adult Female animals with a blank space next to them. Guests were charged with the task of naming the baby animal. For example: Deer = fawn, Pig = piglet. Some were easy and some were hard. This is a good web site to look to if you would like to compile your own list or you could email me and I could send you mine.
I also kept a few animals on my master list that I didn't use for the game but for tie breaker questions for other games.
P.S. A lot of people cheated with their cell phones so you may want to consider making some rules:)

Game No. 3 The Diaper Game. This is the most controversial game but also one of the most fun games. Take 15-20 cheap diapers and melt a piece of chocolate ( I just set mine out in the sun, but the microwaves works well too if you unwrap them first) in them and charge the guests with the task of identifying the type of chocolate! They can smell it and even taste it if they dare! have guests number a piece of paper from 1-15. With a sharpie marker write a number on each diaper and tell the guess to make sure they write their answer   on the corresponding number on their paper. So, if Diaper number 7 has snickers in it, you write snickers on line number 7 on your paper.
 Don't use any off brands- it make this game too challenging. I used: snickers, milky way, twix, 3 musketeers, baby ruth, whoppers, kit kat, crunch bar, hersheys, rolos, almond joy, New York Peppermint Patty, 100 Grand, and a Watchamacallit.

This was my Grandma's response to the "dirty diaper game". 
Game No. 4
How Big Is Mom's Belly?  ( This is also a lead into game number five)
My sister -in-law hated when they played this game at her shower, but I enjoyed it at mine and Sarah (pictured) thought it was fun too. So if you feel like you need to ask the mommy to be if she is willing to play this game first- please do.
This game is really quite simple. I used yarn ( you could use string, twine, ribbon, curling ribbon or whatever!). Ask each guest to guess how big Mommy's belly is. They measure out the yarn and you cut it where they want you to cut it! You can have a prize for the closest and the smallest (if you want to make mommy feel better)
Now this next part is key because it leads into the next game. Measure mommy's belly with the yarn. Cut it at the right place. Then have have her walk from person to person to measure her yarn against the guests yarn. The closest one wins. Now get ready for game five . . .
Game Number Five:
What Was Mommy Wearing?
I hope your guests got a good look at Mommy as she was walking around the room with her piece of yarn because now they have to remember everything about her! Give mommy some dessert and have her leave the room for a minute. (Side Bar: I wish I had had a baby monitor set up so that Sarah could hear everything that was going on. I read the questions out loud and it was so funny to hear the responses. Sarah would have gotten a kick out of it all!)
Here were my Questions: You can use mine or you can make up your own.
Do You Remember what SHE was wearing??

1.                      Was she wearing Make up?
2.                      How did she have her hair    styled?
3.                      Was she wearing Nail polish?
4.                      What kind of shoes was she wearing?
5.                      What color was her shirt?
6.                      Describe her outfit.
7.                      How many rings was she wearing?
8.                      Was she wearing a necklace?
9.                      Was she wearing earrings?
10.             What color was her lipstick?
11.             What color are her eyes?
12.             Was she wearing a bracelet?
13.             What color is her hair?
14.             Was she chewing gum?
15.             Did she seem to have a fragrance on?

Game #6: Baby Bingo
Hand out a blank Bingo card and have guests fill up the squares with items they think she will receive. One item per square. For example: burp rags, onesie, blanket, diapers, shampoo, fingernail clippers, etc.  They can use a word more than once like: Onsie and Onsie. But they can only cross off two "Onsie" spaces if the mom gets two onesies. Does that make sense?????
This was my Heading:
Baby Shower Bingo!!

Can You Guess What the New Mama Will Get? Fill in the squares with the names of baby items that you think will be in the gifts she is about to open!!

I used my microsoft program to insert a table of four rows and four columns and then I made the font size 100. Four in a row wins and black out wins. If you have a very large shower you may want to add another row. 

Let me tell you why this game is fun. Because it keeps everyone interested while mom opens her gifts! This is also a great non- threatening game. 

Well, there you have it! I hope that you enjoy these games and that they next baby shower you throw will be a great success!


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  1. Hi, love your blog! Can you please send me your list of adult animals, with their matching baby counterparts? That'd be a great baby shower game! :) THanks! My email is michellemcline@gmail.com

    1. Hi Michelle! I am so pleased to hear that you like my blog! I just sent you My master list! Hope I didn't keep you waiting too long! Have a great day!

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