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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Easy Homemade Father's Day Card

Father's Day is knocking on the door! It is time to tell the Father in your life just how much you love and appreciate him. Okay, really you should do that everyday, but if you don't make sure you do on Sunday!!!
I just had to share this cute little card. 
 Don' t you love it! 
It's Dad's work shirt! It is so simple to make so grab your little ones and get started.
You need:
I used: 2 12x12 scrapbook pages (but really you could use computer paper and crayons if that was all you had,or you could use construction paper)
A ruler
a glue stick or tape
 Fold your paper in half. Use your  ruler to measure the top (folded) part of the paper. This will be your collar.  I drew lines three inches in on both sides.

Then cut along the lines and carefully fold down.

 It should look like this

Next I wanted to draw a tie. I just free handed it. It wasn't perfect so if you are looking for perfection you best seek another tutorial:) Perfection doesn't often happen here:)
 I decided my free hand wasn't even so I fold the tie in half and cut along the edge I like best.
 It turned out like this:
 I cut the bottom of the tie to be even with the bottom of the card. Glue down (or tape) the tie and the collar.
 Here it is . . .
 If a tie seems to hard you can glue some buttons on instead. You can also cut out a square and make a pocket! Get creative!
 Anyways, here is the finished product. Don't forget to add a sweet little note to Dad!

Happy Crafting!!

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