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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Make a 4th of July banner out of an old pair of jeans!

 Don't throw those old jeans out! There are so many things you can reuse them for, like this totally cute July 4TH banner that I hung across my entry way mirror:
 I adore it! Best of all it was so easy to make. I didn't sew a stitch! I simply used my trusty hot glue gun!
 I got my inspiration from this blog here. I haven't the foggiest idea what Cost Plus World Market is or where one might even exist. And I certainly didn't have any gift cards for the store. So I said to myself, you could totally make that! And I did and you can too!

Great for a photography backdrop!!!

You'll need:
A pair of old jeans
sharp scissors
red and white ribbon (walmart $3)
twine (walmart $5 for huge roll)
Hot glue gun
hot glue
white felt ($0.58 walmart)

I started out by creating a triangle to be used as a stencil. You'll have to figure out what size you want. Mine was 7 inches along the side. I cut the triangle out
 and began to trace the pattern onto my old jeans
Once I cute out the triangles, I hot glued a length of ribbon to the top
 flipped it over and trimmed up the edges.
 I had a stack of 6 flags . . .
 I measured out roughly where I wanted my flags to be glued to the twine. I don't ever do anything perfectly. I just spaced them out by eyeballing them. Then I  did this: (It is a different project that I will post later, but the idea is the same:)
I taped the length of twine to my craft desk so that it wouldn't move about. then I placed the top of the flag near the twine and ran a bit of glue across the top of the denim triangle pushed it into the twine. I repeated this 6 times.
 This is what i have so far. No I wanted a star on it and in the back of my mind I could see a package of copper star brads that I wanted to use for embellishments. However, the only placeI could find my brads was in the back of my mind.
 SO instead I free handed a star chape onto a piece of paper, cut it out and used it a a pattern to tracea star shape onto my white felt.
 Then I hot glued that star onto the denim tip of the triangle.
 I really do adore it!
 I think it will get a lot of use this summer!

 Happy Crafting!

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