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Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Homemade Teacher Gift

My kids have had such wonderful teachers! Today was the last day of school for us and this is what I sent as my little token "thank you" gift: Strawberry Jello!
 We have already had temperatures that reach well beyond 100 degrees and I thought that jello with bits of strawberries in it would be so cool and refreshing. (plus it is affordable and won't make you gain weight:)!)
 I started out with two pint sized mason jars, one large package of jello and a package of strawberries.
I prepared the jello according to directions, put it in a bowl to stir it. Transferred it to a picture to pour it into the mason jar to avoid spills. Leave about an inch of room at the top.

While the water was trying to boil, I washed and quartered the strawberries. Before I put the mason jar in the fridge to set (without the lid on) I added a few strawberries to the top. They floated. The Jello will set in an hour and a half to 2 hours. That last half hour is crucial because you have to add more fruit before the jello sets. So check it every ten minutes or so by adding a piece of fruit. You want it to sink or at the very least you want to be able to push it to the bottom with a spoon.

While I was waiting for the jello to set I wrote this little note on my computer.I ended up turning all the font black except for the word "berry". Now you really could use this for an "anyone" thank you gift. You could simply write "You are 'Berry' Wonderful!" Or You could write "You are a  'Berry' Wonderful Piano Teacher/ Neighbor/Friend/ ETC" You get the idea:)

 I cut out the message, added a piece of scrapbook paper to the back (with a glue stick) and then I rubbed it down with a copper color ink to add a little extra interest.

This was my first plan:
Punch two little holes in the top and add a ribbon. Wrap it around the top of the jar, pull the ribbon through the other hole and knot it as well.
 This is what it looked like. I wasn't crazy about it.
 So  I tried this:
 But I really liked the puch of color that the green ribbon added.
So I settled on this:
 Perfection! I pulled the ribbon through both holes and then tied them in a bow in front of the message. Similar to the first attempt with the green ribbon- I just had lots of extra ribbon in the front to tie.

FYI: The package of jello filled two pint size mason jars and two baby food jars.
I know most of you are out for the summer already but maybe you can keep this in mind for the future!

Happy summer!

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