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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Throw An Ugly Sweater Christmas Party: Revisited

Revisited (I have been too busy for new stuff . . . Merry Christmas! (new Game ideas at bottom)

I won't argue, I know we look good! My sweater even won an award:)
I should so be a fashion blogger:)
Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties are so much fun! You can make your own sweater or go to a thrift store or ask your Aunt May to borrow one of her sweaters. Just a warning however: When you ask to borrow Aunt May's sweater, don't tell her you need and "ugly" Christmas sweater, tell her you need an extremely "festive" Christmas sweater:) That way you will still have peace in the family.

So this is what you do:
Invite your guests and tell them it is a pot luck party.
Go in search of the perfect Holiday sweater (or make your own- it is way more fun)
Have a prize for the ugliest male and female sweat.
Prize should be simple, like a glow stick left over from Halloween (don't break the bank on a prize)
Have a white *Elephant gift exchange (something you don't ever use that is laying around your house or a dollar store item.
Enjoy food and Company!

*White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules:
Place all white elephant gifts in a central location.
Have two to four plastic cups (depending on how many guests you have) Each cup should contain a pair of dice. Pick a number like three. Every time someone roles doubles of the number three they get to choose one of the white elephant gifts. The cups with dice should be moving constantly around the guests. The next person who roles doubles can choose to take a new gift from gift location or steal from someone who already has a gift. It is best to set a time limit like 5-8 minutes depending on the crowd you have invited.

** Another great party game is Catch-phrase because it doesn't matter how big or small your group is everyone can play. edit: If you wanna get really crazy add some "Minute To Win It" Games!

2012 EDIT: Here are two sites for fun party games, Minute to Win it Games Style! Sorry, no pictures, but the sites have multiple games on them and are worth your time if you are looking for out of the box ideas.

There you go, simple, easy, fun!

Happy Party,

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