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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kid's Craft: Halloween Eyeball Wreath

In case you missed it . . . this is what I posted for the wonderful blog called, Honeybear Lane:

Today I want to show you how to make this "spooktacular" (yep, I went there!)  eyeball wreath with your kiddos! (I have to admit, even I got addicted to gluing eyeballs in place!)
Here's it is:
 What you will need:
Wreath form: I used a toy inner tube, but a foam pipe insulator would be perfect (Home Depot, Lowe's Ace)
googly eyeballs
black ribbon or scrap fabric (double the length of your wreath form)
Ribbon in orange to hang the wreath
black tulle (optional)
Elmer's Glue/ Tacky Glue or Hot Glue- any will work
Paint brushes (I used q-tips and poured the glue out on a piece of foil for the kids to dip)
Two Straight pins
 This is the foam pipe insulation that I referred to above. Form it into a circle with the slit on the outside and tape together.

Choose a starting point on your wreath and pin your fabric or ribbon into the foam. Wrap your fabric around the wreath form and pin in place.
 It should look like this so far . . .
 I wrapped a small piece of foil at the top of my wreath so that the kids wouldn't glue any eyeballs there because that is where the ribbon will be placed.
 As you can see we didn't dress up for this craft session . . .These are pictures of the kiddies, totally engrossed.
 We added all the eyeballs we had at the time. Then I went to the store and added more. I also added a bit of ribbon to hang the wreath and a little black tulle to add texture.
Super easy and fun! I did this with my 5, 7 and 9 year old. They all loved it! Hope your little ones do too!

As always, It has been a pleasure!
Happy Crafting!

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