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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monogram a Pillow- Great Wedding Gift! (Also, Spray Paint a Bird Cage and Use a Dresser As A Sign in Table)

Lets get to it!
Giving a personalized gift is a wonderful thing to do! It is even better when it can double as decor!
To create the monogrammed pillows, I went to Walmart of all places. I bought the pillow (time was so short there was no way I was going to be able to make one! Plus this pillow fit their colors exactly- so it all worked out!) This pillow is from Walmart's Better Home and Garden Line. In the craft section their are tons of iron on decals. I chose the decals with the most bling. Took the pillow home and mostly followed the application instructions. I couldn't flip the fabric inside out so I laid a dish towel on the decals instead. It really turned out so cute and It is so fun to give a personalized gift.
For Fabric Banner tutorial, click here.
I am sure you have seen lots of tutorial on how to spry paint furniture . . . what is one more?! This is an old mirror that sat atop a dresser in my guest house. I used Krylon brand paint and primer in a satin white finish. It took 4 coats.I covered the mirror with lots of old homework papers. Let all coats fully dry in between.
Some of the grain showed through, which I like, and I sanded down some of the edges to reveal more. I finished with a protective glossy coat of clear spray paint.
This picture really does it no justice. It was way cute.
Since it was a Victorian themed wedding, I thought a bird cage would be a nice touch. I spray painted this little lady white with the same stuff I used on mirror. It took like three coats. Let fully dry in between.
We used these item to decorate a small corner of the great room. It looked wonderful!  Find Banner tutorial here:

Happy Crafting!

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