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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Kid's Craft: Make A Mummy, Frankenstein and A Jack-O-Lantern!

Decorate your house with cute creations made by little hands! Your little ones will love this activity! Even my two year old (who helped make the Frankenstein) tells everyone that Frank belongs to her! These are relatively simple to make. The kids did most of the work, but there was a little preparation before we began!
Here we go! 
Meet: Mummy, Frank and Jack!!!

 These really are so cute!
For all three, This is what you need: (Or see a break down below)
Three baby food glass jars (but jars of any size will do- even plastic!)
Emer's Glue or Mod Podge
Paint Brushes
Hot Glue Gun
Green, Orange, white and Purple Tissue paper, cut into thin strips the length of your jar
medical gauze
black felt
googly eyes
two push pins (painted black if you can't find black)
a black sharpie pen

you will also need some willing participants!
First, the Mummy:
I used:
baby food jar 
White tissue paper (pre-cut to size of jar) or medical tape
elmer's glue
paint brush
2 googly eyes
medical gauze
If you are using tissue paper, paint inside the jar with glue and then add white tissue paper. If using medical tape, tape the outside of the jar.

 Then add eyes with elmer's glue.
 Here are the kiddos painting the inside of the jar with glue before they stick the tissue paper to it.

 When eyes have dried add a little glue to the outside of the jar and wrap gauze to it.
 Your mummy will look lovely!

Next, Frankie!
I used:
baby food jar 
Lime Green tissue paper (pre-cut to size of jar)
elmer's glue
paint brush
2 googly eyes
Small strip of black felt (enough to be his hair)
2 push pins painted black
black sharpie marker for mouth and scar
Hot Glue

Paint inside of jar with glue and add green tissue paper. Make sure it sticks well to the side so you see nothing but green in the jar.

I cut the sharp part of the push pins off so I could hot glue the flat side to the jar ( maybe you can find something that doesn't need to be cut)

 Cut out hair to your desirable length and shape, I gave mine some jagged bangs. glue on your googly eyes, use sharpie to draw moth and scar!
 I love Frank!
 Lastly, we have Jack. The easiest one. 
I used:
baby food jar
orange tissue paper, pre-cut to the size of my jar
black felt, pre-cut eyes and mouth
 Paint glue onto the inside of jar and attach orange tissue paper to it. Let your child glue on the pre-cut jack-o-lantern face and let dry completely and you are done!

Love these guys! I hope you do too! Happy Halloween!

Happy Crafting!

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