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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Edible Kid's Halloween Craft: Monster Popcorn Hands!

 Time to celebrate the season by making spooky monster hands!You only need three things to make this treat!
 Grab your favorite little helpers and these items:
 Popcorn - Candy Corn - Vinyl Gloves
 Super easy . . . pop pop corn and let cool, pass out gloves, put some candy corn inside and have the kiddos shake them down . . . two or three may gather in the same finger hole, so space evenly.
 It should look like this: (love that smile)
 and that one too . . .
 Then add popcorn and shake it down into the finger holes as well. You might have to do a little crunching to get it to fit. Don't worry, it will be okay. Tie the top in a not or close it off with a bread tie.
 Enjoy . . .

 and be a little silly . .

Happy Halloween and
Happy Crafting!

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