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Friday, February 1, 2013

Make Your Own Candy Dish!

"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous."
- Ingrid Bergman
'Tis the month of love. It is time to be shot by a little winged, baby like creature who slings a bow and arrow with a heart shaped tip! You may or may not have a sweetheart, but you can always treat yourself to sweets. And you can also find someone else who may benefit from the blessing of a secret admirer.Consider containing your sweets in this little candy dish!

I made this little candy dish right before Christmas. I filled it up with small ornaments. But with the change of the season and a wave of my magic wand, it has now become a Valentine's Day Candy Dish. I love decor that can do double duty.

To make this jar, you will need:
An old jar. This one happens to be an old pickle jar that was expertly cleaned. I have also made them with Mason Jars and other dollar store vases.
A glass candlestick from the dollar store
A can of  Spray Paint. I used Krylon semi-gloss (the one with primer in it covers better using less paint.) Or any kind of spray paint, my friend only buys dollar store spray paint and she loves it.
E6000 Glue - or any other glue that works on glass. You can find it at Walmart.
Ribbon to garnish
Candy to eat

The Paint and the glue will be your biggest expenses, but hopefully you can use them for future projects.

On a protected surface, spray the candlestick and the jar lid. This may recover multiple coats. Allow each coat to dry in between. ( I know, that is the hardest part for me, too) When desired paint coverage is achieved, read glue instructions and adhere the jar to the candlestick, making sure jar is centered. Allow glue to dry completely.

Fill with Candy. Display at your home. Make one to leave on someone's doorstep.

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