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Friday, June 28, 2013

Cake Pops or Rice Krispy Treats: Turn Them into Your Patriotic Centerpiece!

Why not kill two birds with one stone and create a centerpiece for your table that is also 
a tasty treat or party favor???
My kids hate cake, but I could barely keep them away from these long enough to take a picture.

This is what I did:
Made chocolate cake pops, cut my wooden skewers in half and stuck the cake pops on top,  dipped them in white chocolate, added sprinkles on top. I used blue food coloring to my white chocolate to create a few blue chocolate cake pops. I melted my chocolate in a tiny white melting pot. I used coconut oil to thin out the chocolate. You can also use the microwave. Melt a few chips 10-15 seconds at a time. Stirring in between.

 I used a cube shaped styrofoam base to stick the pops in, wraped it with burlap which i pinned into place with straight pins. Cut a length of red and white ribbon, pinned that into place, made a little blue bow and pinned that into place. You could hot glue them if you wanted, but I like to use pins so that I can change up the look when ever I want.

If you don't have a way to make cake pops, don't despair!!! You could do this:
I have to admit, I totally cheated. I had every intention of making home made rice krispy treats. I had all the ingredients, but between all the "mom, can you do this and that for me" from my four kiddos, i decided to take the easy way out. I opened my pantry and there were several store bought rice krispy treats that began to call my name.

So, I cheated. I pulled the wrappers off and smooshed the pre-cut rectangular shape into a little ball. Stuck in a stick, dipped it in white chocolate and covered it with sprinkles. I did have to promise my husband that I would make "real" rice kripsy treats though, as those are the only kind he really likes.

Cheating sure save time though.

These were such yummy treats! I hope you enjoyed this show and tell!

Happy Independence Day!

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