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Friday, June 14, 2013

Calcium Carbonate Chalk Paint: Upcycled Coffee Table

Don't you just love when you see a well used piece of furniture with good bones and you can 
envision what it can become?
I had a wonderful girl gift this coffee table to me when she moved out of town. I loved the wood top with the iron legs. My friend, Britt and I decided to have a chalk paint testing party and this little beauty was invited.
We used a calcium carbonate chalk paint recipe for this particular project:
The recipe is as follows:
Calcium Carbonate Chalk Paint Recipe:
2/3 paint 
1/3 calcium carbonate
 a little water
mix water and calcium carbonate first, then add to paint and mix again 
* Note: other helpful tools: Hand mixer (not necessary, but useful), mixing cup, steel wool, sand paper, paint brush, drop cloths, finishing wax.

**Be mindful as you work that the paint dries quickly.
 We roughed the top up slightly, most likely out of habit, because chalk paint eliminates this need. Mixed the paint according to above instructions, let dry completely, then began sanding. Again, this was so totally satisfying. What a tension release! Britt stood on one side of the table to sand with sand paper and I stood on the other side and sanded with steel wool. We then trade sides to try and get and even yet random look. I am telling you, for some reason this was really fun . . . you got stress in your life . . . go sand some painted furniture . . .
 Finish up with your favorite wax. Here are a bunch of random angles. I felt like I couldn't get a good shot that accurately displayed how great this table looks. It is the first thing people comment on when they come into my home. I have even had a few offers form people who want to buy it!


Now, go find something with good bones and transform it into something beautiful and fun!
Happy Crafting!


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    1. Thank you so much! You have some cute clothes and accessories on your website!

  2. Hi!
    What wax would you suggest? The table looks great :)

    1. Confession, I haven't waxed it yet. That is on the list of things to do. Brittany used Minwax on her dresser at home but I don't know what finish she used. I will see if I can get her on here to let you know!

  3. I love it! I have a large bag of calcium carbonate and I have been wanting to try mixing it with paint. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. I love you guys! Sorry for not getting back to you all! I am not used to getting comments so truthfully, I don't look for them! But thank you for making my day!