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Friday, June 28, 2013

Patriotic Wreath: Burlap and Ribbons!

Images of  my childhood days are always brought to the forefront of my mind when I think about the 4th of July. We did the same thing every year, a tradition you might say. Mom and Dad would pack me and my four brothers into the back of our hideous camper truck and make a 30 minute drive to my Aunt a Uncle's house for a fun filled day of swimming, jumping on the enormous trampoline (which back then, not everyone had), food, cousins and fireworks.

Before dark, our entire family family would leave my Aunt and Uncle's house to stake out the perfect firework viewing area. We went the same place every year,  but it filled up fast. We brought blankets and pillows to lay on and goodies to snack on while we waited with anticipation for the show to start. The firework show was always amazing.  The burst of color and light seemed to exploded right over our heads. Some of the fireworks were so loud they actually felt like they shook your body from the inside. To this day  I still get disappointed by fireworks seen from a distance.
 I want to feel like I could touch them if I wanted to.

The combination of family, food, swimming and fireworks have long since made Independence  Day my favorite holiday. I love the old red, white and blue!

Make it:
This wreath was really easy. I bought a dollar store wreath form. Got cheap burlap from Walmart, cut it into 6 inch strips, wrapped it around the form and pinned it into place. I used twine (also from Walmart, because that is all we have in town) and tied it around the top in order to hang the wreath. That is my basic template.

For the flowers, I borrowed the ribbon necklaces that I made for my kids to wear last year for the 4th of July. I left them in tact, folded the ribbon in the back and then used straight pins to secure the flowers to my wreath form.(tutorial link listed below)

I like to use straight pins to attach the flowers because this way I can use my burlap wreath for every holiday and sometimes baby showers. I can pin on whatever I want to match the season or event theme.

See here for a rolled flower tutorial.
 Note: I used ribbon instead of fabric. I have no frayed edges on  my "flowers". When I start my rolled flowers I always tie a knot at the end and wrap my ribbon around it.

See here for a tutorial on how to make a bib necklace.

Hope you enjoy this. Happy Independence Day!
Happy Crafting!

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