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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Crafts For Kids! Water Balloon "Slippah" Refashion!

 Water Balloon Flip Flop/Slippah Refashion
Want to fancy up your flip-flops?
Phew! That was so hard to say!!!!
I have never called "slippers" flip flops!
 In Hawaii they are slippers or if you are totally local, "slippahs!"
BeforeI lived in Hawaii, I called them thongs. But the invention of the thong underwear pretty much killed the use of that name in footwear!
So, I called them flip flops for you so you wouldn't think I was talking about house slippers.

Water Balloon Flip Flop Refashion
I just wanted to show you how cute these slippers are! These kept my big girls busy for hours! They started at a church activity and weren't able to finish, so they came home and continued their work.

It is so easy and perfect for summer. My oldest daughter double knotted hers and my second oldest daughter tied her balloons in a single knot as shown above and below.

Isn't it a cute wearable craft! If you want to keep some little hands busy, the Water Balloon Slipper Refashion might be something for you to try!

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