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Monday, August 15, 2011

"Family" Solid Block Tutorial

Here is a preview of this super easy craft that YOU can make!

Even your little ones can do this.
You need the following supplies:
Modge Podge
paint brush
a wooden block (I got mine from my neighbors back yard and sanded it- and yes, I got permission)
vinyl or stickers (I used vinyl this time around)
scrapbook paper

1. Measure the scrapbook paper to fit your wooden block

2. Lightly burn the edges (kids could omit this part) I used a candle because I couldn't hold a match and take a picture at the same time:) I'm not that talented!! You might have to put the edges of your scrapbook paper under water to extinguish the flame and stop the paper from burning. Sometimes it just keep smoldering.

3. Apply modge podge to the wood with your paint brush and apply the scrapbook paper.

4. I pressed the paper down with a paper towel to make sure to get any bubbles out.

5. Apply vinyl or stickers

6. Measure a length of tulle to wrap around the block.

(I used to pieces because mine had already been cut into strips to make a tutu. but if you are buying tulle for this project you can probably use one piece.)

Pull taught and tie around the back.

7. Wrap your second srtip of around the bottom and tie on the top.

Yahoo! You just made something cute to adorn yout home or give as a gift!


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