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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rainbow Rapunzel Cake

Hello! I am super excited to be a part of this blog.
I am Amy's sister-in-law, Shannon.
I married her brother, Sean, who has been telling me for 2 years that I need to have a blog; but, lets face it ~ it's kind of intimidating! So, here I am facing my fears, thanks to Amy ;)

For my first post I thought I would share the cake I made for my daughter's 9th birthday.
Since she was born on St. Patrick's Day we talked about different elements that make that day special. When we talked about Leprechauns and how they have gold at the end of rainbows, she wanted a rainbow cake. So, that I what I made.


The first things I did were preheat the oven and gather everything I needed
to make a mess in my kitchen.

{we like Pillsbury since it has pudding in the mix YUM!}
{I think you need eggs or egg replacer, oil and water}

{I used 1 large rectangle, but rounds would too}

{1 large siz and 5 small/medium size}







{I used my large surface one that we use for flipping pancakes}





I did not decorate the cake. My husband's Aunt Lisa did.
I will ask her where to find a tutorial on how to do it, then I will add it.


Next, I mixed the cake the cake according to the instructions on the box. Then I separated the mix into the 5 smaller bowls, and left some in the large bowl. I had 2/3 C mix in each bowl.
So it should look like this sans the food coloring I added prior to taking the picture.

Next, I added a whole lot of food coloring to each bowl. I just used the kind you can pick up at the grocery store ~ like the kind you dye eggs with. If you have the cake food coloring then by all means use that because the color might be richer. I don't make more than 2-3 cakes a year, so I didn't want to invest in those ones.

For red, yellow and blue, I put about 1/3 teaspoon of coloring in each bowl. For orange I mixed red and yellow, but more red than yellow. For green I mixed almost equal parts of blue and yellow, I think I put just a little more blue. For purple I mixed equal parts red and blue, but it almost looked black so I tried to fix it by adding a whole lot more red. It came out looking decent so what can I say? When I was putting the food coloring back in the box I noticed a nifty little chart that says exactly how many drops of each color to mix to get the desired color. . . But thanks to passing kindergarten I knew how to mix the primary colors!

This is how much blue dye I used. It wasn't vibrant enough for me, so I ended up doubling it.

Lexi, little chef in the making.

It looks like candy

I let her do all the mixing of the colors


This is the tedious part ~ I only had 1 large rectangle pan, so I had to repeat this step 6 times!

First, take your clean pan and spray it with PAM on the bottom and along the edges really well. You don't want any trouble taking the cake out since it's going to be really thin.

Next, add a small amount {I think it was about 1-1 1/2 Tbs} of flour and dust
around the inside of pan. I was told that this helps the cake to come out easier. I'm not sure if it why this is, but it works pretty good. Make sure that you get the flour all along the bottom and the sides. Dump the excess flour in the trash.

I started with the purple layer and worked my way backwards through the rainbow, so that red would be on top just like in a real rainbow. Pour 1 color of the mix in the pan, then use your rubber spatula to spread it through out the pan as evenly as possible.
I set the timer for 10 min and it cooked it perfectly. Remember I used a large rectangle pan,
so it you are using round or any other shape, you may have to give or take a little on the timing.

I used the large spatula to gently separate the cake from the pan; then I quickly turned the pan upside down on the foil-lined cookie sheet. I washed the pan then repeated for each color of the rainbow.

While the first layer was cooking, Lexi said she wanted purple frosting with Funfetti sprinkles in between each layer. So, we mixed our red and blue again and got purple frosting. We still didn't use that chart. ;) Because each layer was so thin, it cool pretty rapidly. So, so while we cooked the blue layer, we frosted and sprinkled the purple layer. We did this for each color. If you are going to just frost the cake with normal frosting, then make sure that you have both tubs of frosting. We used 1 whole tub for the filling.

The last thing to do before the enjoying the cake it to frost or decorate the outside.
Sean's Auntie called that morning and offered to make Lexi a Tangled cake, since:

a) Lexi LOVES that movie {understatement of the year}
b)Lisa is uber talented and make awesome cakes {another understatement}
c)Lexi thinks Lisa is like the Cake Boss

So, I dropped my cake off at her house to let her work some magic. You can do what every tickles your fancy. For those interested in how she frosted it, I will ask her where to find a tutorial.
* She said to use something called pastry puff?? I guess it comes in a box, just follow directions to mix it. She said she painted the inside of a pastry bag with food coloring to get the strip look in the hair. I'm not sure where to get this stuff, but I'm sure a google search might bring it up.

I don't even like cake, I am really more of a cookie person ~ chocolate chip cookie person to be exact ~ and I usually skip out on cake. There was something tempting about the bright colors of this cake though, so even I had some, and it was yummy!

Instead of cooking each layer individually, you could layer them
all in the same pan. Put the purple in first, spread it out, then the blue and so on. You could bake it like that or run a knife through it to give it a marble effect. Another idea is to drop spoonfuls of each color randomly in the pan until you have used it all up. Then cook according to time on the box. If you try any one of these variations, please link to this page so I can see what you've done with your crafty self!

All you have left to do is enjoy :)


  1. Yay Shannon! You conquered your fears and showed us how to make a super cute cake!! I can't wait to see wat is next!