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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A New Twist On Tile- DIY

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Every year at Christmastime, my Grandma agonizes

over getting the perfect gift for every single member in our family,

which is over 60 people!

Not every one understands that when my grandma gives a gift she wants it to reflect the love and knowledge that she has of the person who receives the gift.

She wants her gift to bring a smile or a tear or

a heart felt chuckle.

She wants to please.

I think my grandma may enjoy giving the perfect gift more than getting the perfect gift.

I also find joy in gift giving. I also enjoy creating something that has yet to exist before:) Knowing that it may not surprise you to know that I love giving unique and personalized gifts.

With that in mind . . . I created this for a wedding gift!

I promise . . . this looked so dang good! You can totally make this!

The Material's I used: (mostly from Robert's, but you can get them I'm sure at Michael's or any other craft store)

Mini pop up dots

Hot Glue Gun

Two coordinating scrapbook papers

Modge Podge

Photo Corners- clear

Gold or bronze stamp ink
Paint Brush

Vinyl or stickers words "family"
small wooden heart

brown twine


Picture embellishments (old key and cameo key hole from Bo Bunny scrapbooking)

Tile: mine was 11.5 x 11.5 (my friend gave me a bunch of tile but I usually buy them at the Home Depot for less than $3.

Before you do anything . . . plan out your lay out . . . once you have done that:

1. First cut, your scrap book paper to match the size of your tile.

2. Use paint brush to spread modge podge all over tile.

3. Apply scrapbook paper and rub with a paper towel towards edges to release any air pockets.

Let dry completely.

4. Trace heart onto paper. I thought I was going to use both sides of this scrapbook paper, I ended up just using the polka dot side to trace my wood heart and cut out the paper.

This is the cut out heart.

5. Modge podge the cut out heart onto the wooden heart. smooth out with paper towel. Let dry.

6. Use twine to tie loosely around picture and around old key embellishment.
(you can also use ribbon instead of twine)

7. Apply vinyl or stickers to the top of the project (once it is all the way dry)

7 and a half:) : add photo corners to picture and then place it on the tile in desired location.

I used photo corners because this was the engagement picture we received in the mail. With photo corners they can switch out the picture however they want.

8. When the modge podged heart is dry and you

The edges of your heart should look like this:

9. I used a little tape to make sure the key hung where I wanted it too and then I added a little hot glue.

10. To give my heart a slight 3D appearance I applied the mini pop dots, I didn't know how well they would hold so I also added a little hot glue in the middle. In hind sight I would have moved the pop up dots away from the edges just a tiny bit more so they be completely invisible once the heart was mounted.

11.Mount on tile.

11. I added pop up dots and hot glue to the cameo and mounted that on the heart.

It should look like this:

12: I inked the sides of the tile and the edges of the paper, using a bit more on the corners.

13. Tah-dah! Done! ( oh yeah- I did put a little sticker down by the bottom of the key- it says "love." Tah- Dah! Now you are done:)

This is the other one I made for my daughter. I got the idea from a display at Robert's using canvas( I didn't have canvas so I used tile). You are only limited by the scope of your own imagination! Go forth and create!

Happy Crafting!