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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Create Something That Will Bring You Closer!

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Have I told you lately that I love Pinterest? Well, I do. I'll shout it from the roof tops! I found this little baby on pinterest, via mama-jenn.blogspot.com and let me tell you why you should make this:
Because this will grow your relationship. This will provide the "in" you need as your babies grow into teenage-hood. (if you have teens already you can still use this- what teen doesn't love praise or crave acceptance. You could use this to tell them the positive things that you see them do or the things you love about them and I guarantee this will bring you closer! (Even if they don't write back) These are the ones I made with my kids:

I kept it really simple. I printed the words from my word program, traced the decorative edge pattern with an old piece of a scrapbook paper and used a piece of scrapbook paper to decorate the front. I cut out what needed cutting and my girls glued it all on. You could use a composition book, a spiral notebook or a fancy journal. It doesn't really matter.

My babies are growing up. There ain't no way to stop it! My oldest will soon be nine and with all the hustle and bustle of life, I worry that we don't connect as much as we should. I think it is so important to forge bonds now that will help us survive the ups and downs of the teenage world. Let me back track . . .

Are any of you old enough to remember passing notes in school? Do they do that any more or do you just secretly text from your pocket? Me and my BFF in high school had a notebook specifically designated to writing notes to each other and each other only. We passed it back and forth between classes and breaks. The coolest thing about this? I still have it. Lets just say I graduated before the turn of the century, so to have this notebook from her and read all the silly things we wrote to each other is so precious. I LOVE to read what we wrote and what or concerns were from day to day and how we pledged to always look out for one another. Now I want to share notes with my own sweet girls.

Two out of my four are old enough to write to me and I tell you they took to this idea like ducks to water. I just kept it simple. me and the girls decorated the front of a spiral notebook and before the glue was even dry, my six year old was writing me a note telling me how "cool" she thought I was. I am loving this already!

The idea is to write a note and then leave it under your child's pillow for day-to-day communication. This might be fun to do with your hubby too! As you continue to write your notes you will see this book become a journal and a chronicle of your life with your child. I can't wait to see how this all turns out!

Thanks Jen! This was exactly the idea I was looking for!

Happy crafting all!




  1. I had a notebook like that with my best friend too! I wish I still had it.
    Savannah would love this idea. She loves it when I put notes in her lunch box!

    1. Oh, Savannah would love it! I miss you guys!

  2. I was just thinking last night about how I used to do this with friends in high school & how I'd love to do this with my daughter :) Such a good idea!

  3. I think Lexi would love it too! WE can all start a new Mommy and Me trend!