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Friday, February 3, 2012

Three Simple Valentines Crafts and the Winner of the Headband!

Before we get to the cute Valentine's Day Crafts, it is time to announce the winner of the beautiful Cambria Headband! The winner of this pretty pink satin flower headband is . . .


Congratulations Mama Hunfy! You won simply because you are a follower and we hope you'll spread the word about Amy's Craft Blog. In order to claim your prize I need to hear from you by midnight tomorrow night or I will draw someone else. Email me your address to:

Thank you for being a follower of our blog!

The next follower only give away will happen when we reach 100 followers . . . I will soon show you the prize and tell you how to be entered multiple times, but for now . . . on with the crafts!


Now, Onto the Crafts!

It honestly took less than an hour to produce these three crafts and I did them with my kids which made it even more fun. Yes, I said more fun:) This is what we did: 1. Heart Shaped Crayons (thank you Pinterest)
2. Decorative Plate
3. Decorative wood blocks.
I don't like spending a lot of money to decorate for "small" holidays, so these were all really cheap crafts as well.
1. Heart Shaped Crayons First of all you have to strip all the paper off of the crayons and then chop or break them into fourths. The smaller the pieces the better they look when they are melted. Then I put them into my silicone heart shape mold and cooked them in the oven on 250 degrees for 15-20 minutes. You'll know they are ready when they are all melted. Remove from oven. Let cool and harden completely (30 minutes or so) and remove. Done:)

2. Decorative Plates I picked up some clear plates at Walmart for a 1.50. Then I picked up some tissue paper for $2.50. Then I had the kids use paint brushes to cover the back of the plate in modge podge (you can also use Elmer's school glue). Then I cut the tissue paper in half and we covered the plate and smoothed the tissue paper down all over the plate. When it was completely dry, I trimmed the edges. Done:)

The kids hard at work:)

Don't worry if the glue seems plentiful, it will dry clear:)

3. "Be Mine" Painted Wood
First, I asked my neighbor if we could have a few pieces of wood from her wood pile. Then we painted them. Then we used an old glue lid and placed it onto a craft paint bottle to make it easier to write with the paint (this step does take some practice as you can see from my sloppy writing). Then I sanded the edges to add a little character. For the smaller block I measured some tissue paper to fit the block of wood, then covered the wood with Mod Podge and placed the tissue paper on top and gently smoothed it down. I also sanded the edges of that block and I think it looks cool.

Before any sanding was done

I hope this is something that you will enjoy doing! Happy Crafting!


  1. We made the heart crayons a couple years ago. Ooooohhhh....I love the plates! Gotta try that, it looks like fun!
    By the Way...You've been tagged :)

  2. Amy where do you find the heart silicone mold?