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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Learn To Crochet

I have some really cool crochet patterns that I've made up & I really want to share here. First, I wanted to share where I learned to crochet. . . .


Actually, The Art Of Crochet by Teresa is the best I've seen. Her videos are from her view & she is really good at explaining exactly what she's doing. I'm going to post links to her videos that teach some of the most frequently used stitches. While your on her channel you can find some of her patterns & tutorials. She has the ability to take something that seems difficult {like a cupcake beanie} and make it easy enough that even someone who is just learning can do it. Most of her videos have links to show you how do it left handed as well.

Chain {ch} This is the most basic stitch you'll need to know:

Single Crochet {sc}

Half Double Crochet  {hdc}:

Double Crochet  {dc}:

Triple Crochet / Treble Crochet {trc}:

Slip Stitch {sl st/ sl st tog}:

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