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Friday, March 2, 2012

Round Two! Stylin' With Jodie! Find Help For your Hair!

Hey Girls! It is that wonderful time again. The time when you get to have your own personal hairstylist all to yourself. There is one simple truth that we should all ackowledge, when we look good, we feel good and when we feel good, good things happen! Remeber, your hair and your smile are the best accessories you will ever own:)
So without further ado . . . here she is:
This is Jodi: (the girl not the boy)

Click here for Jodi's first articleThese are the questions that we asked the fabulous Jodi!

1. I tried to dye my hair a dark brown and it turned out really red . . . what should I do now? I really don’t like the red because I wanted brown. When you color your hair and have a lot of red undertones naturally or if your hair pulls red the the best thing to do is use the same level of color you did with an ash base if you are a medium brown the level would be 6. 10 is blonde and 1 is black the letters next to the color mean usually A: ash and that is what you want G: gold R: red V: violet and N: natural or neutral base also B: blue base. Using a color wheel is the best way to tell you how to fix a color you apply to your hair. Use the color exactly straight across the wheel to get rid of the wrong color for example: red and green. Blue and orange. Yellow and purple

2. Is it really bad to dye your hair when you are pregnant?It really is safe to color your hair when you are pregnant . (OTIS) Organization of Teratology Information Services have no reports of hair coloring causing changes in human pregnancies. Very little of the chemicals are actually absorbed into your system and they are only absorbed by contact to the skin. If you are still concerned about coloring your hair there are a few options for you.
1. Wait til your second trimester your baby is less vulnerable at this stage of your pregnancy
2. You could go with high or lowlights instead of an all over color they are placed in foils therefore they don't contact your skin at all.
You could also use a demi permanent color you still get 6 weeks of great color it has a very low volume peroxide so it can only deposit color so you would have to stay in the same level or darker. You also only get about 50% grey coverage with a demi permanent color. If you really ask me : I have had four kids and not only did I color my hair while I was pregnant I also did hair so I was constantly around these chemicals and I had no problems what so ever!

3.Hey Jody its Carrie,that was a really great blog about you, I've been thinking about doing something differant with my hair but unsure.I have not had bangs since the 7th grade,and have only ever had it long because its thick and naturally curly.Can you help me decide what to do.Thank you, Carrie

Answer: Absolutely... first how humid does it get in San Fran? The more humidity the worse your frizz! I will personally find and email or fb you some ideas k. A quick styling tip: When you put conditioner in your hair pick through it in the shower and rinse then don't comb it again! just towel dry and apply your product. my new favorite for curly hair is by Enjoy called Shaping Lotion. Use it instead of gel or mouse. you can then defuse your hair a little or air dry it. By doing this you manage your frizz and get better curl patterns trust me it is awesome! now if your hair isn't as curly as Carrie's if it is wavy you will have to defuse it to get maximum curl but a little more frizz on;y dry it to about 70% and hairspray it and let nature do the rest :) please let me know if this doesn't work for your hair type but it should since I haven't personally got my hands on it :)

4. My kids swim a lot in the summer and I wonder how to prevent their hair from turning green. Any tips?

When you are in chlorinated, salt, or any other waters while the summer sun is beating on your hair you definitely need some hair therapy!

We all know the cute young blondie girls are suceptible to the chlorine turning their hair green. The best ting to do is to be proactive and protect hair BEFORE summer and swimming begins, instead of waiting until its already green.

If you are on a budget get the drug store spray in protectant or leave in conditioner before they dip into the water and second wash hair as quickly after you are done swimming as possible with Ion purifying solutions swimmers shampoo for $4.95 (16 oz.) at Sallys Beauty Supply.

If you are not on a budget I highly recommend Joico K-pak chelating shampoo, K-pak conditioner and K-pak leave in protectant. After shampooing a really good conditioner is key! When you are using any purifying, chelating, or clarifying shampoos they are stripping your hair of everything so you need to replace those nutrients lost! We all know how eager we are all for swimming weather just know this it is okay to rub sunscreen on your scalp nothing worse then a scalp burn! I love the new kids spray sunscreens I use them all the time they get to the scalp better especially on your part!

5.What is your favorite product to use for:thin hair: The best thing to use for thin hair is a volumizing shampoo and only a little conditioner. To much conditioner will weigh down your hair. Also know with thin hair it is essential to have a reconstructive treatment done periodically. Thin hair is fragile and must be treated as such. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi treatments are my favorite. You can receive a treatment at a salon near you (we offer them at Valley Curls). If you are on a budget you can buy small packets of reconstructors at Sallys Beauty Supply a one time application for only a few dollars. Remember only to do this every once in awhild like every other month or as needed. For styling I always use on my clients with fine hair these things: a root spray or root pump for volume at the base Retro, big and sexy both have one I really like. A volumizing mouse is great I have always used Paul Mitchell's volumizing mouse. Round brushing will always give you maximum volume and after it is dry I like to use a powder called powder play by big and sexy. You dust it onto your crown work it in a circular motion and it works like a dry pomade at the base of your hair for more lift and finish with an aerosol hairspray. Aerosol hairspray wont weigh down your hair.
curly hair: Curly hair my new favorite product is by Enjoy called shaping lotion. But for great curl it actually starts in the shower. After you apply your conditioner use a pick and comb your hair. That is the only time a comb or brush should touch it. Then you will towel dry your hair and run the product through it. Shaping lotion, gel, mouse, or curl amplifiers whatever you choose and then scrunch it with your fingers into shape. For perfect curls let it then air dry for a little more volume you can difuse it until its about 60-70% dry. If you blowdry or difuse to long you will get frizz. When you have the correct shape you can then hairspray I like a pump for curly hair my favorite is Paul Mitchell's freeze and shine.
straight hair: Straight hair is by far the easiest to manage for anyone and I am always envious of how perfect it always lays. I would follow the directions for styling the same as for thin hair. I also like to use a Moroccan oil or Argon oil (budget friendly) to towel dried hair for shine and frizz control for straight hair. A lot of girls with straight hair want to curl it. For those big bouncy curls you can use a flat iron to curl it there are instructional videos all over youtube. When I am doing someones curls I make sure I am using a thermal active product that you spray in before you curl it. It will help the curls stay longer.I recently found one at Sallys Beauty Supply for just a few dollars that is comparable to what I use at the salon called Iso plus hot hot hot curler thermal spray. After its all curled run some pomade through with your fingers to break it up and add texture and shine.

thick hair: Thick hair which is me to the T! I have thick wavy hair so here is what I use when I straighten my hair because I follow the above for curly hair when I wear it curly. Also if your hair is curly and you like to flat iron it straight you can follow this also. I use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and a deep conditioning mask once a week that just stays on five minutes so I do that while I am in the shower. I also do the awapuhi treatments every three months or so. Then I towel dry my hair and apply two things first Moroccan oil and the a blow dry elixir by Scruples called Silk Control. Then because I am always low on time I go to bed and finish blow drying my hair in the morning. But when I do blowdry I get it about 80% dry then section it off and finish with the paddle (flat ) brush. I then resection my hair starting at the nape and spray on Paul mitchells hot off the press and flat iron each section. My hair is usually pretty flat and straight by then. Sometimes if there is any humidity in the air I still get some frizz. I just try to wear it curly on those days! I use freeze and shine for my hairspray also.

6. My hair is curly but I straighten it everyday. I have two questions, what is the best straightening aid you have found and how do I keep my hair healthy when it is so often abused by heat? The straightener can be our best friend but all the constant heat can be really hard on your hair. The best things you can do is use a really good reconstructive type of shampoo. Joico's K-pak is amazing for that. You will want to add all those things back to your hair that the heat is pulling out. In all honesty I have found a really great new line up first it is the awapuhi treatments, second is the Moroccan oil, third is Paul Mitchell's Hot off the Press and fourth by far if you really love your hair is a great flat iron.

K-pak just invented what we thought was impossible for $119 I am in heaven best investment I have made for myself! It is called the K-pak Reconstrx vapor iron. It has a special vapor fuel chamber in the flat iron that actually steams the product right onto your hairshaft and coats it with protection. The vapor fuel is full of recostructive properties that your hair really needs! I highlight my hair and I can't tell you how much smoother healthier and more beautiful my hair is when I use my flat iron I am in hair heaven :) but if you can't afford a flat iron like this the thermal protective products, oil replacements, and reconstructive conditioners or deep conditioners are going to protect what damage the flat iron does. I would also recommend getting the split ends trimmed frequently I see a lot of hair and someone who flat irons a lot always has more split ends than someone who doesn't!

7. If I decide to dye my hair, how often should I plan to get the roots done? As far as planning to get your roots done it really depends on how fast your hair grows or how slow. I have some 100% grey coverage ladies who come every three to four weeks but most clients of mine reschedule every 6 weeks. I wouldn't wait any longer than three months especially if you don't want those roots showing!

8. What trends do you see for the summer? Colors and Styles. Are feathers still in? What can we expect to see? Summer is coming and we know we will always see more highlights. We will see people sporting short sassy hairstyles and we will see the biggest newest thing to just hit the red carpet reverse melting or reverse Ombre meaning you will see hair that is lighter at the scalp getting darker as it fades to the ends. We all saw when melting "hit" I personally thought if it was brown to blonde it just looked like they needed their roots done badly but some fun ones were black to a vibrant red. Or black to a rich purple. Now it will be the opposite of that just as style trends come and go so do hair styles I am seeing more hairstyles that reflect the mullet or the rat tail as the "emo" cut will fade. The best thing about hairdressing now in all honesty is that people are not trying to get what they don't have as much anymore. They are working with what God gave them and I really think it sets you apart as an individual :) if you have crazy curly hair rock it! If your hair is super straight and thin rock it! Just don't try to rock what you weren't given!!!

9. uh, YES, I have a question! what is the easiest short hairstyle for me to do with my funky-half-paralyzed hand?! I might be visiting her soon when Matt goes back to work! round face and thin hair :) Amanda, the best thing to do if you can is come see me! Then I can see what length you already have and how thin it is and what you can actually do to style it. We can totally find a hairstyle to fit your needs and your personality and your face shape just by what you said in your question to me I found a few pictures, I really have learned that hair on the crown that is cut at three inches is by far the easiest to work with and usually gives you volume but still long enough to control. I call it "the Magic Three inches" I know not a very creative name but it is pretty great on a lot of my clients the shorter hair pictures have close to the three inches the longer ones I just thought would be great if you wanted it a little longer and your hair lays well. Again I haven't actually seen you so this is all off of the question. Short hair haircuts I charge $20 just so you have an idea.

And there you have it . . . insight from our favorite Hairstylist Jodi! I just think she is absolutely wonderful and can't say enough nice things about her! I am espeically excited because I have an appointment with her on Monday! Thanks to those of you who submitted questions! If you would like to ask Jodi a question

please email me at: amykaidavis12@yahoo.com We would both love to hear from you!

Have a Great Hair Day!


P.S. You can follow Jodi's favorite hairstyles on Pinterest!

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