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Monday, March 26, 2012

Family Home Evening Lesson

I've got your Family Home Evening all planned for you tonight. It is simple and short but it will bring you together in a fun way that won't lose attention spans.
Cambria’s Talk: Theme: I came to earth as part of a family
This single piece of spaghetti is easy to break.
But when I have a large handful of spaghetti, it is much harder to break. (let your kids try to break both sizes of spaghetti)

This is just like us. Heavenly Father sent us to earth to live with a family because he knew that our family would make us stronger.

I came to earth as part of family. Heavenly father knows I need a family to help me learn and grow. President Hinkley said that we can make our family strong.

Adam and Eve were the very first family on earth. Heavenly Father wanted them to have a strong family. He asked Adam and Eve to teach their children about the gospel. They their children to love Heavenly Father.

We learn important things from our families. We learn about Heavenly Father and Jesus. We learn to choose the right. We learn how to treat others. When we grow up we will teach our children the same things.

We are part of a family. These things can make our family strong.
Read scriptures together
Say prayers together
Have family home evening
Do fun activities together

Even though I am just a little child I can make my family strong. I can be kind to my brother and sister. I can obey my parents. I can be quick to say I am sorry and I can be quick to forgive.

Heavenly Father blesses us when we do what is right.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

In closing play a round of hide and seek ( it is still fun to hide when you are an adult. Make your kids work hard to find you!) and then serve this mouth watering "Easy Cheese Danish" from The Country Cook!

It'll be a good night!

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  1. You have the coolest ideas for FHE. I am so glad that you're posting them :)