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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Party on the Brain

I feeling myself switch gears to all out party mode. I have one daughter with a birthday party on Thursday and one with a birthday party on Friday. In that past I have combined these two birthdays parties but it all starts adding up to a lot of body management. It all comes down to how many kids I can really handle and still enjoy the event.  So we broke of the days and limited the guests. One Party has a Lalaloopsy Them and one has a Hello, Kitty! Theme. I just wanted to share some of the cute results I found.
First off, from Partygamesplus.com,  I found this. It is a great website with dozens of themes and games all planned out for you. In some cases they even have free printables. (click hi-lighted word for source info)

Next, from Cake central.com I found this:
 and this:
 and this:
 and this:
Now will I be able to make these adorable cakes? Not a chance. Had a planned better could I have ordered them? Absolutely! Maybe you can learn form my mistakes:)
Even still, I am feeling more inspired and though I know the clock is ticking, I am sure that thanks to these sites, I will be able to pull of something that feels wonderful:)

Party On!


  1. The cakes are cute and I am sure what ever you do will be wonderful. I can not wait to check out the first website when it gets closer to my sons birthday and so I would like to say Thank you for sharing all these ideals.

  2. Glenda, thank you so much for your comment! I hope you find something you love for your son's birthday! It is so fun to do something to make your kids feel extra special!