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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keep Hair Healthy in the Summer! Tips Form our Pro, Jodi!

Summer is in full swing!  Hot days, late nights, cold drinks, Popsicle grins and lots and lots of swimming! I don't know if you are like me, but my kids swim like fish and sadly that means that often, we start seeing ugly green streaks in their hair. Is there anyway to prevent this madness! I don't know! So, I asked my friend and fabulous hairstylist, Jodi.

So without further ado . . . here she is:
This is Jodi: (the girl not the boy)
photo by Amy Davis Photography
First of all let's look at some of Jodi's favorite pins from Pinterest!

From: The Beauty Department

From: Love Maegan

Okay, Here are our summertime questions for Jodi!

Jodi, how on earth do you keep the green out of hair . . . you know the color your hair turns because you love to swim like a fish in the pool?
When you are in chlorinated, salt, or any other waters while the summer sun is beating on your hair you definitely need some hair therapy!
We all know the cute young blondie girls are suceptible to the chlorine turning their hair green. The best ting to do is to be proactive and protect hair BEFORE summer and swimming begins, instead of waiting until its already green.
If you are on a budget get the drug store spray in protectant or leave in conditioner before they dip into the water and second wash hair as quickly after you are done swimming as possible with Ion purifying solutions swimmers shampoo for $4.95 (16 oz.) at Sallys Beauty Supply.

If you are not on a budget I highly recommend Joico K-pak chelating shampoo, K-pak conditioner and K-pak leave in protectant. After shampooing a really good conditioner is key! When you are using any purifying, chelating, or clarifying shampoos they are stripping your hair of everything so you need to replace those nutrients lost! We all know how eager we are all for swimming weather just know this it is okay to rub sunscreen on your scalp nothing worse then a scalp burn! I love the new kids spray sunscreens I use them all the time they get to the scalp better especially on your part!

****Also, we have heard a rumor that ketchup might get some of the green out of your hair. We haven't tried it so we can"t say for sure but Jodi says it makes sense because be cause according to the color wheel green and reds are opposite each other and therefore would counteract  each other. Plus, the acids found in ketchup might also be helpful to reduce the green tint.I am totally going to try this . . .I'll let you know if it works.

From: She Does Hair

What are the fun Summer trends?  Colors and Styles? Are feathers still in? What can we expect to see? 
Summer is here and we know that means highlights. 
We will see people sporting short sassy hairstyles and we will see the biggest newest thing to just hit the red carpet reverse melting or reverse Ombre meaning you will see hair that is lighter at the scalp getting darker as it fades to the ends.
 We all saw when melting "hit" I personally thought if it was brown to blonde it just looked like they needed their roots done badly but some fun ones were black to a vibrant red. Or black to a rich purple.
 Now it will be the opposite of that just as style trends come and go so do hair styles I am seeing more hairstyles that reflect the mullet or the rat tail as the "emo" cut will fade.
The best thing about hairdressing now in all honesty is that people are not trying to get what they don't have as much anymore. They are working with what God gave them and I really think it sets you apart as an individual :) if you have crazy curly hair rock it! If your hair is super straight and thin rock it! Just don't try to rock what you weren't given!!!

And there you have it . . . insight from our favorite Hairstylist Jodi! I just think she is absolutely wonderful and can't say enough nice things about her! I hope you are having a happy and ehalthy summer and that your hair looks . . . not green. Unless you want it too:)

We would both love to hear from you! Sometimes it is so nice to ask a stylist questions with out having to visit the salon. email any question to amyscraftbucket@yahoo.com.
Find Jodi on Twitter @hairdzynr_Jodi
Have a Great Hair Day!

P.S. You can follow Jodi's favorite hairstyles on Pinterest!


  1. thanks Amy u r the best! I also have started a twitter account about hair Jodi Barnes Johnson @haridzynr_Jodi

  2. Awesome!!! is it really @hair etc?