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Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY Pumpkins from Yo-Yo Flowers

I wanted to make a little Fall decor that could make my house pretty for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I like decor that does double duty so I don't have to change out so much! I like easy, quick crafts and if you do too, then you are in luck because this is pretty simple.
This is what you will need:
1. Assorted Scrap Fabric
2. Stuffing
3. Green felt for leaves
4. Some kind of stick for the stem (I used my dried up sunflower stalk)
5.Needle, thread, hot glue gun

For a Yo-Yo Flower tutorial, click here. But know that I modified my yo-yo's. I only cut out one circle and stitched around it instead of cutting to out and stitching them together.

I used a 1 large dinner plate  and one small dinner plate to make the outline for my yo-yo flower. You can use whatever you want to make your pumpkins as big or as small as you want.

Once I made the yo-yo flower I closed it about half way, filled it with batting, then pulled the string to close it. I used my son's pocket knife to saw down the sunflower stalks (you could just break a twig off of a tree) then hot glued them in. I cut a leaf shape out of the felt and glued that on as well.

I think these cute little pumpkins would look so cute as a centerpiece or on your mantle with the rest of your decor. that was my plan when I first began to make these, but I ended up putting them on a wreath instead.

I though ti t was fun an different. Here are a few more shots:

Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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