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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Super Easy Lamp Makeover!

I was a tom boy growing up and so I kind of missed my girly phase. Thank goodness I have three daughters because now I get my second chance at all things GIRL!

I was at Walmart (because it is the only store we have in town) and as I passed by the clearance section I saw two small, ugly brass lamps for $4. Of course they were on clearance.Ugly doesn't usually fly off the shelves.
But I had a vision of what these ugly brass twins could be. I didn't have a lampshade yet and I didn't want to spend a fortune so i waited. I waited for 5 months until I found these little zebra lampshades on sale for $3. SOLD!
I spray painted the base of the lamps with a Krylon paint in watermelon. I added a little bow to the lamp shade with hot glue and felt completely satisfied. Best thing . . . .it was soooooooo easy!
It makes me happy to look at them! Train your eye to spot a diamond in the rough!
Happy Crafting!

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