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Friday, November 8, 2013

How to Make A Wreath Form Out Of Foam Tubing That Doesn't Lose Shape!

When I heard there was a way to make my own wreath form more cheaply than buying one, I was all over it! Last year I bought some foam tubing that I bought in the plumbing section of ACE Hardware. I then proceed to make a bunch of wreaths that looked good for like... three days. 
Maybe four. 
The problem: they began to lose their shape. They looked all saggy and pitiful. They looked anything but appealing.
Last month the crafting bug hit me again. I stood in my craft space looking at my wasted foam pipe and longed to make a wreath that would hold it shape. 

Then it dawned on me: I should just use an old wire hanger!
When I was in third grade, my teacher had us make a wreath out of an old wire hanger and sandwich bags. It held it's shape just fine. See, who says you can't learn life lessons in school?!

So I did.

 I twisted it into a circular shape and taped the two ends together with duck tape. Then I covered it with the foam tube and taped those ends together. I wanted my wreath to be a little chubby, so I used a whole bunch of grocery bags for padding. I just wrapped them and taped them in place.

Then I added fabric and flowers and other embellishments and this is what I got:

and this, but without the padding of the grocery bags.

and this:

and this:

 I hope you make wonderful things!

Happy Crafting!

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