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Monday, November 18, 2013

Growing Your Family Through Adoption

You know what it is like to have a friend that you love 

and would do anything for?

 The kind of friend that you laugh with and plot with and hurt with?

 I have loved ones that hurt and I wish I had a magic wand to wave and make everything better.

 I have something important on my mind... 
My dear friend, Castina, was just able to adopt her first child.
 She and her husband had tried for years to start a family and finally got pregnant only to lose their sweet baby boy late in the second trimester. He would have been my daughter, Raia's age. The last two weeks have been full of sweetness for them because a mother was willing to place her child into their arms. 
I am so happy for them. They have dreamt of being parents for so long and now they get to raise a beautiful son. This child's birth mother gave my friends the most beautiful gift that one could give.
 But there is more... 
My dear, sweet friend, Ashley  and her Husband Quinn Ellis are now trying to adopt.
 They have one beautiful little girl who is my son's age. Sometimes my son wants to marry her. They found out they were pregnant with her shortly after they were married and were overjoyed. Never once did it cross their minds that it wouldn't always be easy to become pregnant.
 They have tried for five years to have another. 
For anyone who has struggled with infertility, you know how heartbreaking it can be. To say it is like riding an emotional roller coaster would be an understatement.  To long for a child is the deepest kind of yearning. November happens to be national adoption month. What I am wondering and what I am asking is if you can help spread the word about my friends, Ashley and Quinn. They are good people and a great family. If you know of a sweet little baby who needs a home, please learn more about them. Or if you would be so kind as to share this message so that the word might get out to someone who is looking to place their baby with a family that would treasure the opportunity. 
Ashley is the kind of friend that I wish I had a magic wand for. She and Quinn want to have a sweet little baby so bad and this is the only thing I can do to help. You can find their adoption profile here.


  1. Oh Amy! You're going to make me cry! Thanks so much for the sweet words. You are an awesome friend and I am so glad I have you to play with, cry with, and workout and sweat with. I love you!