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Friday, September 30, 2011

Applicious Centerpiece!

I take my two oldest kids to school every morning and since my mother-in-law is their principal my two youngest kids and I stop by her office before we leave every morning to get a yummy piece of candy. On our way through the teacher's lounge to her office I stumbled upon some of the cutest centerpieces!


How adorable and how SIMPLE! She simply pinned those cute little flowers into the tops of those apples, put the apple on a candle stick, tied a bow out of tulle and then sprinkled some lemon heads at the base on top of a lime green plastic table runner.

I want to pin some flowers to the base of this pumpkin too:)

What a cute idea . . . my sister-in-laws mother, Suzette, was responsible for this stylish center piece:)

So cute! Who says you can't learn something at school?!

Happy Crafting!

xoxo, Amy

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