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Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY No-Sew Tutu

These tutus are so simple an quick!! You just need 2 things and a hour of time.
The materials listed will give you a infant/toddler sized tutu.
If you have an older child, just buy a couple more yards of tulle.

What You'll Need:
*5 yards of tulle
[I used the stuff that comes on the bolt since its cheaper,
but you can use the rolled stuff from wedding decor if you'd like.]
[Same measurement as waist]
*Small Piece Of Ribbon or Fabric
[Literally 1 inch is plenty]

First, line up the ends of the ribbon on top of the ribbon piece or fabric
and sew over the piece several times so they are secure.
I put the ribbon down first then held one end of the elastic in place,
then lowered the needle into it; next I put the other end down and
sewed over the 2 ends, then back stitched.
I did this 3 or 4 times.

I only used 1 color of tulle since I wanted a skirt that would make my baby's
crystal blue eyes pop. If you are using more than one color,
make sure it adds up to 5 yards total. Next I took the tulle and cut it
down the middle on the crease from the bolt.
Then I folded it in half several times along the 5 yards.
So the first fold you'll have 2 1/2 yards, then 1 1/4 yards,
then just over 1/2 yard then just over 1/4 yard. Basically, I kept folding until the tulle was about 4-6 inches wide.

Hold the tulle down and cut all the way through every 3-4 inches across
until you have cut all of it.

Now you should have a bunch of strips like this.

Its hard to see the tulle when its just one layer, so I'll use this ribbon to
show you how to tie the tulle to the elastic.
Fold it in half and put the fold under the elastic.

Take the ends and wrap over the elastic then pull through the fold.

Pull tight. Now repeat for every piece.

It should look like this when you're all done.

I've seen hair bands made in a similar fashion.
To make one of those, just grab some coordinating ribbon and attach in the same fashion.