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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY Corker Hair ribbons

Wanna make these cute little things??? They are so easy to do!

I actually learned how to do these fun little ribbons from my sister in law Shanni (Thanks Shannon!) These are so fun to make and the best thing is, now you can have a ribbon custom made to match your little girl's outfit . . . or better yet to get into the spirit of a holiday.

I wanted to make a black and orange corker so here we go!

You will nee gross grain ribbon, I used orange and black, dowels (Walmart craft section), wooden clothespins, aerosol hairspray and a cookie sheet. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees

Begin by wrapping your ribbon around the dowel. Secure in place with clothes pin. Wrap ribbon around until you get to the end of dowel and secure other side with clothespin as well.

Spray with hairspray . . .

Repeat until you have 5 of each color. It is okay to use different size dowels. When you are done, place on cookie sheet (mine is kinda dirty- huh. Don't worry, if I use it for food I cover it with foil first) and cook for 25 minutes on 250.

Unwrap . . .

They should look like this . . .

Cut corkers in half (this make a large corker hair clip- for smaller corkers, cut in half and then in half again) and arrange them together, making sure you alternate colors in a pleasing pattern, separate in the middle, you can use clothespins to help you . . .

Tie a ribbon of matching color (I used an orange corker) tightly in the center.

Remove clothespins and fluff. I hot glued mine onto a hair clip. You could attach yours to a clip, a headband, a hat . . . whatevers:)

You can make them any size and any color.

Fun, fun!

Now, I just have to make one more to keep sisterly peace in the family:)

Have fun! Happy Crafting!

xoxo, Amy


  1. Aww you beat me to it! I was gunna post this soon. Thanks for saving me the time ;) Good job! I love these things, and the ones the girls wore on the 4th of July were perfect because people kept saying how they looked just like fireworks.

  2. Also, I like to take a heavy duty upholstery needle and sew the ribbons together because I feel like it secures it really good. If you want to make really full korkers, after you cut the 12 inch corker in half [6 in] cut into thirds [2 in] and it makes it more round and full.

  3. Sorry! I am so glad that you taught me though! I made a ton of then and the first batch I made I sewed . . . but this one . . . to lazy:)
    When we went to the b-ball game I was thinking about how Lexi's looked like fireworks:)

  4. I am so glad that we comment to each other:) It makes it look like someone cares:)

  5. Thanks for this instructional! We are doing these for a dance recital.

  6. Can these be done on hair ties? I would like to do some for my daughters soccer team.

  7. Great Post! We have Satin Ribbon with 196 colors and 19 sizes for your choice! Have a try here?