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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Family Home Evening

Well, I had hoped to get this post out 2 days ago. But, hey at least its before Easter right? 

Every minute counts  ;)

This lesson actually was taught to my little family by Amy 2 years ago when they were down for Easter. The activity is called Resurrection Rolls & they double as the treat!

What You'll Need:
* Scriptures
* Helpful Hands
*Crescent Rolls
* Large Marshmallows {think smores size}
* Butter
* Cinnamon & Sugar Mixture

Start the lesson by reading Matthew 28 about The Resurrection. After you finish reading, tell the kids that you are going to be making Resurrection Rolls so they can see how Jesus escaped the tomb.

Have the kids each take a mallow and roll it in the butter. Explain to them that the mallow represents Jesus & the butter represents the oil that anointed his body in the burial process.

Next have them roll the buttered mallow in the cinnamon sugar. Tell them that this step represents the spices

Have them roll the mallow up the crescent roll starting at the small end. When it is all wrapped, instruct them to seal off all the openings so the mallow is buried in the roll.  Read Matthew 27:57-66. Explain that sealing the openings of the rolls is like the big stone that covered the tomb & the guards that were on watch.

Now this step, has no reference to the lesson. We just did it because it tastes good! Roll the sealed 'tomb' in butter & cinnamon sugar. Sean says this step can represent the guards. . . 


Put the rolls on the pan and in the oven for however long the package says to. Tell the kids that you are going to put them in for '3 days'.  

Once they come out, let your kids see that their Jesus mallows escaped their sugary tombs!

Lastly, let them enjoy the spoils of their labor.


  1. Super Cute idea! Wish I had large Mallows!!!

  2. My kids have been asking me to do this all week! Tonight is the night!!!

  3. Yay! Thank you for teaching us how to do it; so much fun!