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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tulle Pom Pom Topiary DIY

I really don't need an excuse. I love to make pretty things. I love to create and since we have one more family birthday party coming up, I feel like I had good reason to make these beauties. 
 I made the tulle pom poms using the tutorial I found here. However, I did modify the project a bit to make my pom pom a little bit larger. I used to 8 in paper plates as my template to wrap the tulle around.
 and they turned out like this:

To finish the look, I filled three tins with rice, tied a hot pink ribbon around the center and then hot glued the pom pom onto the top of wooden skewers.

The fun thing about this little project is that you can modify the colors to match the color scheme of any party! And all of the supplies are relatively inexpensive. Just go to your local dollar store and look around!

Happy Crafting!