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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kid Friendly Easter Craft: Glitter Eggs!

Humpty Alexander Dumpty (from Puss In Boots) could not resist the allure of the golden egg, and neither could we! This is such a fun and easy activity to do with your children as long as you do a little ( and I do mean a little) prep work ahead of time! This is what we are making . . .

You will need:
Hard Boiled Eggs
Elmer’s School Glue
Paint Brushes (one for each child)
Sandwich bags (one for each child)
Paper plate
Wax Paper or Foil or Aluminum (something that is non stick)or a paper plate

Ready for your prep? Here it is:
For each child:
1. Fill sandwich bags with glitter 
(it doesn't have to be very much- see picture below to see how much I filled my bag) 
2. Cut a small piece of wax paper or foil or use a paper plate to pour a small amount of glue on for kids to dip their brushes in.
3. Set paint brush next to child's station.
4. Pour a small amount of glitter on a paper plate for dipping later.

 Paint glue on egg. Cover Thoroughly.

 Gently place egg in sandwich bag. Seal and gently shake to cover egg with glitter.

 Remove Egg and set to dry on wax paper.
Let dry.
If there are any bald spots on egg, repaint with glue and repeat the glitter bath.
Rinse paint brushes immediately.
 Remove Egg and set to dry on wax paper.
Let dry.
 If there are any bald spots on egg, when dry repaint with glue and repeat the glitter bath.
 Rinse paint brushes immediately.

These are my kids painting eggs and having a great time!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh I love this idea!! I don't like eggs but I wouldn't be able to resist a golden one ;)

    1. hee hee, we do more decorating of eggs than eating of eggs:)

  2. Those are beautiful!! You are very brave I must say. I think that would have to be an outdoor project for us :)

    1. Haha, yes, the of outdoors would be a great place for this project! Amazingly, for me, there was very little mess to clean up after me and my kiddos finished. However, a trail of glitter now follows anyone who dares to hold these eggs:) Thank you so much for commenting:)

  3. Great idea! I'll bet this would work on all sorts of things, like plastic eggs, or ornaments, or pumpkins for halloween...
    Rebecca Smith

    1. You are so right! There are so many possibilities!!! I think that is what I love about this craft world. You can see a project that someone else did and then figure out how to make it your own! Thank you for your comment!

  4. Those glitter eggs look so much better than the glitter ones that you can make from the store bought kits :-)