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Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Party: How to Display Cake Pops

I have the most creative Aunt. She is an artist who has unleashed her skills in the cake world. I had two birthday themes: "Hello, Kitty" and "Lala Loopsy" and my Aunt Lisa made the best cake pops. Well, actually they were Rice Krispy treat pops! You have got to check out Cake Creations by Lisa on her FB page!  Now to get to the featured title: 
This is one way to display your cake or krispy Pops:
 I filled several Mason jars with rice and stuck the cake pops in the jars in groups of three. Such and easy solution since I didn't have a cake pop stand. You could also do this with one large bowl full of rice.r  I should of tied a bow around each jar. Maybe next time.
 After I filled the jars with rice and cake pops, I set them on different cake stands and some on the table in an arrangement that was pleasing to my eye. I had 24 cake pops and six small cake stands. So three Mason jars went up on the stands and two went on the table.
 Can you believe the detail on these cute little cake pops!!!!

My Aunt was so wonderful to make these for the party! And if the truth be told, it was actually really hard to eat them because they looked so darn cute! ( But I am really glad that I did eat them because they were so darn tasty! I think I might even like Rice Krispy pops better than cake pops!

Happy Crafting!


  1. These turned out so cute! I am glad that the parties all went well :)

  2. Some great ideas... now if it would just show up for my son's party ~ in some sort of car theme :) Looks like a great display but lots of love and work went into them

  3. Those are so cute! Now if only I was talented enough to pull off the decorating! :-) I think I could do the displaying but definitely not the decorating the pops.

  4. These are so cute! wish i could make these myself!

  5. These are very cute, I would love to aspire to make some just as cute!!

  6. How adorable!!! I'd love to try these sometime.