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Monday, December 16, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Spray Paint Your Door

It's been one of those days...

There are so many reasons why you should never spray paint your front door. So, so many.

Let me explain.
I think I am having a mid life crisis.
 That is strange in and of itself because I am only 35 29.
What led to this crisis you may or may not have asked? Well, today I am not pregnant. Again.
After almost 10 months of trying. Yeah, boo-hoo. Everyone has his or her own sob story, I know. Remember I am just trying to give you an insight into my crisis. Had I attended my exercise class today, all of the madness that was to ensue today might have been avoided because I would have got a fix of endorphins. But alas, it is canceled until after Christmas.
So madness ensued.

Since I was not pregnant, I needed a change. I considered making throw pillows for my couch. I have the fabric and have been wanting to do this for some time. But instead I decided to paint the front door.
 I painted it black.
With spray paint.
Why? Because I had black spray paint in my laundry room. Had I had a quart of black chalk paint, there would be no need for this post.

Something I will never be accused of is being a perfectionist. Good enough has always been, well, good enough for me.

I began by taping off my door frame to protect all the places I didn’t want painted. This part of the job went quickly enough. I taped plastic sandwich bags around the hardware and taped computer paper to the small window and called it good.

I began to spray. My three year old helped.
At first I thought, “Hey, this ain’t half bad.”
Then I realized we were standing in a cloud of black mist.

That black mist settled on my white tile floor like a soft blanket of new fallen snow. Maybe a more accurate description would be "like new fallen ash."  It also stands to reason that that gentle mist also covered my nearby carpet and furniture (though I can’t see it.)

I quickly retrieved my Swiffer Mop and Clorox wipes and irritably cleaned the mess.

Then I blew my nose. You guessed it. Black.

But all in all, the door looks good. At least it looks good enough. My friend, Ashley confirmed this for me. Another plus, it took less than 45 minutes. (unless you count cleaning up the black mist- in that case it took 2 hours)
Then other problems arose. Have you read that book, “If you give a mouse a cookie?” Here is my adaptation:

If you spray paint your front door you re going to realize that you also need to paint the trim.

When you paint the trim you are going to realize that you really want new hardware to make your door look just right.

When you get the new hardware you are going to want a new red chevron print throw rug to place in front of the door.

When you get your trendy throw rug you are going to realize that you want to trim your door frame with a fresh cut garland because it is Christmastime and you spent too much time on Pinterest going on virtual “Christmas Home Tours.”

When you remember that it is Christmas, you will remember that you have spent all of your money already and that is why you used the spray paint that just happened to already be in your laundry room.

Once you realize this, you will agree with yourself that for now, simply painting your door black is good enough. You can get to the rest next year.

In summary, if you are going to spray paint your door, take it off the hinges and do it outside. And be prepared to want to make over your whole entryway. And maybe you should just make a pillow instead.

Happy Crafting and Merry Christmas,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Free Printables: Christmas Subway Art

Merry Christmas! It actually feels like Christmas here in the desert because it is actually COLD! There is even snow on our mountains! Last year at this time we were enjoying weather in the 70's.
I just wanted to let you know something...
I have found a new creative love!
 Designing subway art and the like on my photoshop elements! It is a great artistic outlet because there is no cost! I can create and create and not spend a dime on supplies!

I wanted to give you a gift of free printables. I don't know how to create a download I could Google it, but right now I am feeling a bit too lazy to do so.

Instead you will just have to right click and save this little picture. It is a hi high resolution 8x10 and I hope you enjoy it!

 I got the chalk board background from We Lived Happily Ever After.
She has tons of designs and fonts and fun stuff that she offers for free.
I honestly can't remember where I got the fonts but I have a link to them on my Font Pinterest Board.
You can find all the fonts and link that I used to add them to my computer on that beautiful little board!

I made this one for my friend, Ginger to use in a lesson that she is going to give at her church. I love the colors on this and I think it is something that you could leave up all year!

 Merry Christmas!

Family Photography

Wow! Tis the season to be busy! This is my busiest time of year for my photography hobby. It is actually supposed to be a business, but I live in a small town and it is hard to make a living off of my friends. In essence, it is my non-profit organization....
This is what I have been up to: (plus two more that I already erased from my hard drive!)
To see more, you can go to my photo blog: Amy Davis Photography

Happy Crafting!