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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bias Tape From Fabric

It is so easy to make your own bias tape! I know you can find it in the store, but it doesn't always match your project, and its way cheaper, quick & sew easy to just make your own.

Stuff You'll Need:

Strips of fabric (it takes about 3 inches to make 1 inch. . . .
I think, I just eye-balled it sorry!)


Ironing Board

Water or Starch

If your fabric strip needs to be longer than what you have, you'll need to sew the strips together before you do anything. Other wise the first thing you do is lay the fabric face down on the ironing board and spray it with water or starch. If you have a good steam iron you can bypass this step, just be sure to steam over each crease.

Next, fold the fabric to meet in the center. You can do both sides at the same time,

or one at a time if you feel more comfortable with that.

Iron all the way to the end then flip it over and iron again.
This will help the crease to set really good.

Turn the fabric back so that the raw edges are facing up.
Spray again and fold at the middle.

Iron again on both sides and ~
Voila! You have double bias tape in the fabric and color of your choice.

It should look like this when you finish ironing:

The final step is to take the fabric you need the tape for and sandwich it in the
middle of your tape. If you're brave you can pin and sew into place. I have not had very much luck doing it that way; however, so I hold it tight, sew a couple of inches and adjust as I go.

Now just find your little model and her show off your skills.


What a cute little ruffle bottom!!!!
I got the idea for this dress from the tutorial Tibits has posted on her blog. I added a bottom ruffle, bias tape & a different style bodice. After looking at her page again, I did pretty much the same thing in constructing it, except, because I didn't use stretchy jersey material I had to add buttons so the baby would fit inside. This dress was made from my Aunt's old shirt & 1 1/2 yards of hot pink fabric.


  1. Oh my goodness girl! Love how that turned out. I love to see different twists on my ideas. It is so rewarding. I never would have thought of using bias tape with the ruffles. Thanks for letting me know about your blog and your creation!

  2. :) You're welcome and thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. Shannon! That turned out so absolutely adorable! Maybe someday I will be as good of a seamstress as you . . . but I won't hold my breath!

  4. Thanks Amy, & you're too nice! lol I think the stuff you sew us way good!

  5. super cute I love it! I need to make my little girls a dress like this. I hope it turns out as cute as yours ;)

  6. Post it & leave a link here when you do so we can see!! And, thank you :)