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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Love Me A Good Necklace!

My body and I

have taken quite a journey together. We have been every size from 5 to pregnant.

Four Times.

I love fashion, though it might not be evident anymore:) While not every cute shirt or pair of jeans that made my heart go pitter patter always fit, a gorgeous pair of heels or sparkly necklace always satiated my craving for fashion.

They were always one size fits all:)

My friend Angela, from The Sparkle Spot, sells jewelry. I have often bought from her (or traded at one of our boutiques). Then I saw on her blog that she was going to start selling jewelry from Paparazzi. Guess what each piece is only $5.00. Say what?! How could all this cute stuff be only $5.00? You can't even make a necklace for $5.00! I have no idea how this Hurricane, UT based company does it, but I knew I was going to be her best customer.

Then I had a thought. I could join her team. I could buy jewelry for myself and also sell it along side my headbands. The light bulb went on! Win- Win.

So, I signed up to be a consultant for Paparazzi Accessories!
Right now I have two necklaces for sale. . . $5.00 plus tax . . . a whoppin' $5.38 for all this cuteness.
Let me know if you want one.
Comment or email: amykaidavis12@yahoo.com or call if you know the number. Most of you do:)I am working on setting up a paypal account.

Each necklace costs an amazing $5.38 (includes tax)

I feel like the home shopping network!

Christmas is coming . . . just a reminder:
Oh, and if you want a larger variety to choose from,
Angela is having an Open House Thursday And Friday.
Thursday August 25th 4-8 pm Friday August 26th 10-2pm
Email me for details. I don't want to just post her address on the web:)


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